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BSXA little bit about us

We're Bluestonex, a SAP Partner consultancy based in Shropshire, United Kingdom. We bring together a new & specialised SAP consulting approach with specialist skills and competencies in SAP user experience, SAP ERP software & SAP digital transformation programmes.
We are particularly proud of our unique consulting ethos which allows us to work collaboratively with our customers to design, develop, implement, and maintain SAP solutions that continually support and enhance their overall business strategy and objectives.
We help our customers realise the true value of investing in SAP technology through a design thinking led approach, allowing the foundations for greater business agility whilst providing a future platform for SAP driven business innovations.


50 million mobile apps being downloaded every single day


Every $1 invested in UX can yield a return of up to $100 for your business


94% of a user’s first impressions are


User productivity can be improved by up to 50%


Our consultants have been crafting (yes crafting), beautiful SAP experiences across desktop, tablet & mobile devices. For us, every SAP project is a unique experience, from ERP implementations to delivering enterprise mobile solutions, our agile and collaborative approach helps customers maximise the true value of their investment in SAP technology.

SAP User Experience

User dynamics & human interaction with SAP enterprise technology has recently placed itself at the forefront of SAP topics, under the new heading “Run Simple”. From our perspective, SAP interaction has too often presented business users with a myriad of daily operational challenges in a modern enterprise working environment where users are often time constrained by over-complex workflow tasks. We use design thinking to improve your User Experience through tools like SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas.

Core SAP ERP Services

If your organisation needs a quick response to technical change requests or SAP projects then we can react with expertise across all core ERP areas. We have certified consultants that deliver business transformation programmes enabled by SAP applications. The team consists of experienced process and technology practitioners, with skills sets extending into areas including financials, logistics execution, procurement, sales & distribution, solution architecture and SAP programme governance.

SAP Digital Transformation

Looking to gain sustainable, competitive advantage through next generation SAP technologies? We have certified SAP consultants that deliver digital transformation programmes enabled by next generation SAP HANA technology. Whether it be a proof-of-concept or simplifying core ERP systems with a full-scale move to SAP S/4 HANA, we adopt a design thinking consulting style to transform the powerful scalable capabilities of SAP HANA into innovative business results.

IOur Innovation

Our innovation practice now develops software in partnership with SAP – our first innovative product is Maextro.

Maextro is a SAP Master Data Management Solution that enables organisations to effectively manage data processes and data objects within their SAP Enterprise.

  • Built & sits within Core SAP
  • Process and Data Object orientated
  • Cost Effective
  • GUI, Screen Personas & SAP Fiori UI’s available
  • Our Core Services:
    SAP Design Meets Innovation

    Enterprise User Experience

    Empower you SAP user base with consumer-grade SAP applications across all devices. Our enterprise user experience (eUX) services are designed to optimise user interaction with your most commonly executed SAP business scenarios. We help you define and more importantly, implement a SAP user experience strategy that is truly reflective of your business-users needs. Join us today on the journey to achieving optimal SAP user experience through tools such as SAP Fiori & SAP Screen Personas.

    Core ERP Services

    Our SAP ECC & SAP S/4 HANA services are focused on helping businesses provide an agile, digital core that is fit for purpose in serving a modern SAP enterprise environment. We help ensure that your core SAP business systems remain agile, whilst providing a platform for harnessing the power of real-time data insights, enterprise mobility and digital business networks.

    SAP Digital Transformation

    Whether it be cloud adoption or extending the enterprise business network beyond the boundaries of your core ERP system, we collaboratively help organisations at all stages of their digitisation initiatives. We can help you tactically devise a reflective digital transformation model that helps you take competitive advantage of an increasingly data-driven, networked enterprise. Our digital transformation services are delivered through agile, design-driven consulting methods to deliver faster innovation cycles enabled by the capabilities of the SAP HANA platform.

    BSXOur Founders

    Dan Barton

    Partner & Co-Founder of Bluestonex

    Co-Founder of Bluestonex, Husband and Father of two. Interests include; my family & Arsenal Football Club. I am a SAP enthusiast and a have a passion for user experience. Some might say, “never the twain shall meet” but were working on it…

    Dan Barton

    Partner & Co-Founder of Bluestonex

    Feroz Khan

    Partner & Co-founder of Bluestonex

    Father of two, an aircraft enthusiast. Passion for cutting edge technology and focused on driving innovation to fuel our ambitious growth plans. Over 16 years of IT experience working with various ERP software such as Oracle & SAP.

    Feroz Khan

    Partner & Co-founder of Bluestonex

    BSXDigitizers & Innovators

    Sabarinathan Chandrasekar

    SAP UX Consultant

    More than 6 years SAP experience in ABAP, Mobility and SAP user experience. A self-driven person in both professional and sporting life. Interests include a love of cricket and travelling.

    Sabarinathan Chandrasekar

    SAP UX Consultant

    Kyle Barnfield

    SAP UX & Design Analyst

    Previous background in IT and design technology using Adobe software. Enjoys the process of creating innovative prototypes, iterating developments and implementing the refined end result.

    Kyle Barnfield

    SAP UX & Design Analyst

    Vikash Kumar

    SAP UX Consultant

    Design enthusiast with more than eight years of experience in developing user interfaces and delivering user centric applications mainly based on SAP UI technologies. Love exploring new things and places.

    Vikash Kumar

    SAP UX Consultant

    BSXClinical Leads

    Dylan Hawkings

    SAP Consultant and Maextro expert

    Enjoys the big outdoors, travelling, the arts and using SAP technology to help people gain greater job satisfaction, enabling them to grow along with their organisation.

    Dylan Hawkings

    SAP Consultant and Maextro expert

    Callum Bromley

    SAP Consultant and Maextro expert

    University graduate & football fanatic who embraces challenges and tries to focus more on desire than doubt.

    Callum Bromley

    SAP Consultant and Maextro expert

    Our Experience in SAP

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    COur Company Timeline

    • Where the journey began - 2012

      We were always obsessed with 'user experience' but back then we called it different things. The founders have lived long in the frustration of ERP systems and played a lot with user interfaces whilst trying to educate on carving out the most value from enterprise software.

    • ‘Stick to what your good at’ - 2013

      Its easy to get sucked into following the fashion and not trying to break the mould. We found the challenge a tough one but believed in what we did. The feedback from customers confirmed what we believed in. A few small wins but Design thinking, Innovation and UX was going to be here for a long time.

    • 'Green shoots - 2014'

      We started growing the company slowly but surely…carefully nurturing what we had started by investing in people (the right people). A new breed of SAP consultancy with a flair for design & a touch of pragmatism. We strived to bring these two sometimes contrasting skills to the SAP market. It is working. It is growing.

    • ‘Out with the new, in with the old’ - 2015

      Our Innovation office in the UK began. Sometimes developing on old technology but delivering a new user experience. A unique and simple solution to a very complex problem. ‘Don’t take this the wrong way but it is too simple’ was one comment. We thanked them very much for their observation.

    • ‘Pastures new’ - 2016

      We move into new areas of digital innovation and new industry sectors using design thinking to break down the barriers. We continue to grow our team and embrace new digital SAP technologies.

    • Design & Innovation Center – 2017

      Our new design and innovation center ‘The Church Offices’ in the heart of Shropshire. A refurbished old baptist church with the space, light and architecture to inspire customers and developers when working alongside us.

    COur Clients

    Sarah Whiers - Head of Accounting Operations

    "The Bluestonex team ensure they understood our requirements from the start and developed an App with user experience at its heart. The solution is multi-device, simple and intuitive and has been very positively received by our business users in the field."

    Malcolm Hamilton – Arla UK Customer Services Manager

    "We engaged with Bluestonex Consulting because of their deep knowledge of SAP ECC, especially SAP logistics. They responded very quickly and have resolved the issues we were having following a comprehensive root cause analysis. We will now look to use their knowledge to transfer to our own in-house customer service team via the BluestoneX training programme.”

    Chris Whinfrey - Brakes Network Implementation Director

    “We engaged with Bluestonex as we required user experience advisory services regarding supply chain process execution. Their design thinking approach coupled with a deep understanding of SAP logistics helped us realise the value of user experience & how to improve our existing SAP solution”

    POur Case Study Portfolio

    Our case studies are a testament to the collaborative work carried out by our team and our customers. We believe in letting our satisfied customers do the talking through real life use-case examples and scenarios where both creativity and SAP technology has driven the end result.

    AOur Alliances


    We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cogent IBS in their respective innovation and user experience areas within US, Canada, India and European consulting practices.


    By using design thinking methodology in each of its projects, Bluestonex puts business users and their needs at the heart of SAP solutions. Discover how our services help deliver innovatative SAP solutions, harness the power of design and simplify ongoing SAP functionality and usage.


    We deliver human centric SAP solutions through ongoing collaboration and innovation with our clients. Our design thinking methods help empower SAP users within your organisation, ensuring that the right information is available to the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. Collaborate with us today...

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