Thank you, Mr. Brunel – Design Thinking

Travelling to visit a client this morning I stopped five minutes to contemplate Paddington Station, one of many Brunel’s achievements. I had the same feeling described by Tim Brown in his book “Change by Design – How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation“.  He grew up and bicycled alongside the Great Western Railway. It is a “must read” for all of us and Tim considers Isambard Brunel as one of the earliest design thinker.

Although he was engineer’s engineer, Brunel was not solely interested in the technology behind his creations…He even imagined an integrated system that would allow the traveller to board a train at London’s Paddington Station and disembark from a steamship in New York. In every one of his project, Brunel displayed a remarkable talent for balancing technical, commercial and human considerations.

Thank you, Mr. Brunel! I will apply design think-methodology to my client when I get there. My stop is Bristol for while. But I will reach New York.

Paddington Station yesterday and this morning. 

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