Maextro – The Steps towards Digital Transformation

Good, clean data is the foundation of your journey towards Digital Transformation.

Bad data will disrupt key operational business activity.

Data quality will impact opportunities presented by Digital Transformation.

Discover why Maextro is the right tool to implement digital transformation.

Discover more about Maextro and how our mission for digital transformation led to it’s conception with our product development journey- introducing Maextro


What is digital transformation?

The definition of digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organisation to digitise non-digital products, services, and operations. The goal of digital transformation is to increase value through innovation, efficiency and customer experience.

For us, digital transformation is all about using software-based technologies, such as DaaS, SAP and the Business Technology Platform to culture for innovation whereby businesses can scale and run uncertainty. Great digital transformation gives organisations the power to increase their intelligence and insights in a cost-effective way.


Why is digital transformation important?

We see digital transformation as the future. We are living in an age where businesses need to be lean, efficient, and able to deal with the uncertainty- not an easy trio to balance. Digital transformation using systems like Maextro gives organisations the agility to run in uncertainty whilst not increasing demand on resources- quite the opposite in fact. This frees up the existing resources to be allotted elsewhere.

Digital transformation is about unifying a digital approach across an organisation. Maextro covers the master data flow and governance side of this. Having a system such as this forms a culture of innovation which is one way to futureproof an organisation for further digital innovation and market uncertainty.


How to drive a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is driven by putting it at the core of the business strategy. It’s about analysing inefficiencies and excess operating expenses and matching this to a digital solution that issue. In other words, it all starts by defining the need to transform.

Driving digital transformation happens on three levels:

  • Organisational, in policy and governance
  • People and culture, encouraging change and adoption
  • Digital, updating and integrating systems and processes

Maextro’s capabilities for integration, policy, governance and UX make it a driving force across all three factors. This makes it a unique system for the market and a direct way to drive digital transformation.


What is Maextro?

Maextro has been designed to be the cure to a master data headache. SAP data management & governance solution enabling your business to maintain a transparent view of data processes within core ERP.

Maextro is fully configurable to model your business requirements, business rules and workflows. Maextro enables users to create, maintain and consume reliable SAP data.

The master data governance solution was developed back in 2014. It came about from similar conversation with a couple of clients looking for a new solution for running & managing their enterprise data objects and associated processes.  They were running SAP software for their ERP & had looked at the compatible market offerings to manage their data processes.  They had found a couple of products that could potentially meet their requirements, but these were either too expensive, too complex or lacked the flexibility they craved.  That’s when we had the lightbulb moment!


How does Maextro help take steps towards digital transformation?

Good data is the foundation for digital transformation. Conversely- bad data will disrupt business operations. These gaps in data quality can impact opportunities presented by digital transformation.

Maextro solves this. It integrates with core ERP systems, aligns data as it enters a database and keeps it clean throughout the organisation. It’s built on S/4 HANA meaning you can govern your enterprise data on any device. This presents digital transformation opportunities for mobilising data. For example, rather than being glued to a desktop, manufacturing users can observe the factory floor’s processes and make changes in real-time.

Maextro is business process orientated and fully customisable. This makes it highly adaptive for all business and IT landscapes.

The top 5 ways Maextro helps towards digital transformation are:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful
  • Lean architecture built in sap
  • Available across different UIs


Future trends for digital transformation

  • Connecting things. Organisations are constants relying on smarter interconnectivity. Sharing of data around an organisation leads to better insights and thus, better decision-making. We can expect to see a rise in technologies to support this in the next few years.


  • Machine learning. Automation is a key driver in business flexibility and scalability. The less work required, the more a workforce can do elsewhere. We are noticing huge investments in machine learning for data processing and we will begin to see this and automation becoming a standard in years to come.


  • Artificial intelligence. Have you encountered a chatbot yet? Then you will know organisations are already using AI to automate and uniform customer experience. Artificial intelligence is a great way to standardise interactions and slash costs of customer experience and retention. As AI becomes more intelligent this will become the go-to option for website chatbots in the future.


Digital transformation consultant

Bluestonex has digital transformation at the heart of what we do. We know every organisation is different and will have its own requirements. We offer a free consultancy service and demonstrations of Maextro. To book a demonstration of Maextro click here.

For more information on Maextro MDG, check out our data software page here.