SAP Business Technology Platform Services

Interested in our SAP Business Technology Platform Services?

Check out this webinar hosted by Dan Barton, COO & Co-Founder of Bluestonex with input from industry experts.

Webinar Overview

The Business Technology Platform from SAP is fast becoming a way for a business to gain a competitive advantage through increased agility and flexibility, made possible through better use of its data. We run through several staple services on the BTP to demonstrate how this can lead to a digital transformation within a business. Get all the information you need about services available on the SAP Business Technology Platform in this webinar.


Overview of the SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform is an enterprise platform as a service designed to help enterprises innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility and choice.

It’s an agile layer that will allow you, the customer, to request and (co-)build new innovation outside of, but at the same time integrate with, the core systems running your core business.

The agile layer is where you can apply more modern disruptive methods and technologies allowing breakthrough innovation & new innovative business models.

Why use the cloud Launchpad?

The Cloud can be taken as a vague term for an intangible miracle platform. However, it’s fast becoming a standard for many well-known organisations that operate globally. SAP has been working on its own Cloud Launchpad for some time. We have been following this progress at Bluestonex and believe that it’s the beginning of a very powerful offering for an organisation’s digital transformation.

The SAP Cloud Launchpad removes back-end landscape and component dependencies. Users always have access to the latest versions and innovations without the need for manual patching.

The Launchpad creates a single unified entry point able to connect to multiple back-end SAP or non-SAP systems, external databases and some external API’s.

The sap cloud platform central Fiori launchpad opens the door to extending and enhancing your applications with cloud technologies and services on the front lines of innovation.


What is Partner Managed Cloud?

Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) Service is a solution whereby we can buy SAP licences on behalf of the customer, and then bundle those licences with cloud hosting and a managed services solution. We move you quickly to high value/ ROI with an affordable monthly operating expense (OPEX) for innovation with our predefined service packages.

  • Cloud hosting by SAP, managed by Bluestonex
  • Choose from our list of Blueskyx applications to add to your new cloud UI
  • Support and development days included.

The architecture behind the PMC Launchpad is designed to make it look as similar to the Fiori Launchpad as possible for that ease of use and adoption. On the Launchpad would be the user’s Fiori apps and custom apps all in one place, giving an organisation a unified entry point. This in an inevitable direction for SAP, so our aim with the sap partner managed cloud program is to fast-track this to give consumers an ROI sooner.


SAP Cloud Analytics

SAP Cloud Analytics is a cloud solution for all business analytics. It combines planning, business intelligence and perspective analysis. Machine learning and embedded AI is included for deeper insights and faster results. It connects your people, information and ideas to enable fast and confident decision-making.

SAP Cloud integration

  • Seamlessly integrate anything, anywhere in real-time.
  • With cloud integration, you can expose your data and processes as API’s. Manage E2E lifecycle.
  • It accelerates implementation and maintenance of B2B scenarios using machine learning.
  • There is the option to jump-start integration projects with API’s packaging content and adapters.
  • Deliver data-driven innovation, unifying enterprise AI and Intelligence information management.
  • Accelerate connectivity to 3rd party applications
  • Securely access remote services that run on-premises.
  • Decouple communication and send messages and events.


SAP Cloud Mobile Services

SAP Cloud Mobile Services have enterprise-grade IOS and Android app development.

It enables you to quickly develop your own native apps, with Swift programming language or Android Studio. It can be used for offline applications and allows offline OData synchronization.  Reduce costs with mobile services by mobilizing data in a familiar wallet-style app without development. Finally, notify mobile users using push notification mechanisms, like APNS or FCM with a simple-to-use REST API.


HANA Cloud

Bluestonex runs much of our consultancy service in HANA Cloud. Combining a build on HANA and a Fiori Ui5 front end. We decided to use HANA because:

  • It keeps your core clean
  • It removes dependencies on peripheral databases and file systems
  • You can get the most from your data
  • HANA is the best-in-class cloud DB as a service


Qualtrics for User Experience

Think of SurveyMonkey, on steroids with data visualisation capabilities. Qualtrics is an experience management web-based tool to conduct surveys and analyse the response.

Qualtrics is built on five different pillars:

  • Customer
  • Product
  • Brand
  • Employee
  • Core

The KPI’s and dashboarding capabilities make it a great option for B2B businesses looking to get feedback on their products.

One example where Bluestonex used Qualtrics was when we wanted to know about our client’s user experience of a recently built app. The survey response was coded to have a value behind each answer- once completed the higher the value was, the better the UX.

Another attractive reason for using Qualtrics is due to its no-code required system. Simply drag and drop what you need, and the survey practically builds itself.


Slipstream and Screen Personas

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Slipstream and Screen Personas are very similar products. They are both free add-ons to S/4HANA in the background. Simply install and the services are available in SCF transactions. It allows you to monitor your transactions but also take it a step further and edit the screen of that transaction without changing the transaction.

They are free products, and anything built on these programs can be integrated into the Fiori Launchpad- supporting the aim of a unified entry point

If you are considering migrating to BTP, check out our webinar about SAP Business Technology Platform VS On-premises for an in-depth look at migration and where the future of customer innovation lies.