Maextro & Business Partner Portal Webinar

Webinar Overview

Discover how the right data software can lead to remarkable digital transformation in an Enterprise when paired with SAP BTP. We share how to do this with Maextro with the UK SAP User Group. We also reveal insights into data surveys and how to measure User Experience.


What is Maextro?

Traditionally, master data is quite a niche topic. As such, many companies use offline solutions such as email or Excel to gather data and then manually key it into SAP. That style of gathering data is old-fashioned and ineffective. We needed to make it disappear and bring users into a more intuitive mindset for gathering data, hence our disruptive take on MDM software.

Maextro is a fully configurable master data solution (MDM) to model your business requirements, business rules and workflows. Maextro enables users to create, maintain and consumer reliable data.

The idea behind our MDM software was it’s an SAP add-on that lives in an ERP system. It’s a no-code solution that helps you manage data coming in, creating, changing and extending data within, or outside of SAP technology.

Maextro is a process-driven tool. With a focus on data quality and where the data goes, it looks at data as liquid and flowing through an enterprise rather than a separate entity.


Why is Maextro a good MDM solution?

We know there are a lot of other MDM solutions available, but typically they all have the same thing in common- being heavy-lifting and expensive for the user and organisation. This makes it a slow process to deploy and begin to see a return on investment. Here are a few ways Maextro differs:

No Code

Maextro is a no-code MDM software. When it’s deployed it has existing templates that users can adopt straightaway. It’s also accompanied by training documents or the option to sit with our team and learn from them. Once deployed, Maextro very quickly begins to fill its bank of rules and governance so organisations can hit the ground running with their digital transformation.

Cloud Technology

We’re now in a new era of technology- cloud technology. This has not been something to shy away from for MDM as we have been able to use it to augment Maextro. Our development team are constantly improving Maextro- it’s a work in process and we’re proud of that. Updates to Maextro can be delivered via the cloud.

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a platform for the intelligent enterprise. What they mean by that is a company that has access to all the tools they need and more but only pay for what they use. In layman’s terms- it’s an App store for SAP services

SAP separates the BTP into four separate pillars:

  • Database and data management- like SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Analytics- like SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Application Development and integration- Like SAP Integration Suite.
  • Intelligent technologies– including Chatbots and AI.

The great thing about this is you can start building and using services that don’t touch SAP technologies- the applications are extremely vast.


Why HANA Cloud?

HANA Cloud is a cloud database which we like because you can create portals and various other applications but the UI created can be consistent across the MDM Solution– which is really nice for user adoption and innovative transformation.

The Maextro Business Partner Portal

The idea behind the BPP is about exchanging data and making the onboarding process smooth whilst implementing compliance and governance. This works through API’s which automate the validation produces. This includes

  • Company registration check
  • IBAN
  • VAT/Tax
  • Postcode
  • D&B
  • And more!


The Maextro Business Partner Portal Process

The buyer requests the onboarding of a vender. A procurement team member can carry out checks on the buyer and approve the onboarding. It’s at this point registration begins. The portal then notifies the vendor to let them know they would like to start the onboarding process. The vendor registers and it will go back to the organisation where they can approve the registration. The vendor will then be notified that they are ready for onboarding and to send data. Throughout this process of adding data, checks are constantly taking place- it’s using the API and validation before the data even reaches the organisation.

At this point, information is typically strung out going to data owners, HR or another team. Despite going to different places, all the checks and processing are done in one place through the MDM software.

Finally, the data will go to the data owner for final approval. This is where they can confirm that the checks and validation of the master data have taken place and can be stored.


The Maextro Business Partner Portal Process demo

We understand that just writing out the process as text isn’t the best way to convey the Maextro BPP process. This is partly one of the reasons for hosting the webinar, to give people a practical look at how this works- it’s worth understanding for any CIO or Data Officer.

To watch the demonstration of Maextro’s Business Partner Portal, jump to 21:00 in the webinar. After watching, if you need more information or want to see more from our BPP, we would be happy to oblige. We even do free demonstrations on request so feel free to get in touch about arranging a demonstration here.

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