SAP BTP – The Myth Busters


SAP BTP Mythbusters overview

We investigate the myths around SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform), more specifically the Fiori side of things.  Get hands-on with BTP Work Zone and other intelligence technologies that are standard with the BTP. our SAP experts take you through the platform, answering popular questions and providing insightful demonstrations


Myth 1- SAP Fiori is a technology

It’s often said that SAP Fiori is a technology. No, it’s not. Fiori is a design principle or a set of guidelines that you would typically use when building a tailored SAP solution. The technology used is most commonly Ui5.


Myth 2- Fiori UX will replace most of, if not all GUI screens when I move to S/4 Hana.

This is the myth that people are the most disappointed about. From our experience as a company, on a reimplementation of S/4, yes, you’re going to get a lot of the Fiori user experience. But more often than not, when doing a technical migration, these same users face a lot of challenges around SAP Fiori. GUI is still there but all be it, in a different format, which may not be as recognisable on introduction.


Myth 3- Just because it’s Fiori doesn’t mean it’s right for the user

Bluestonex has been involved with a number of User Experience transformations, including a warehouse implementation. This involved going through the Fiori designs with stakeholders and more importantly, the users. When the Fiori designs were put in front of the users, they were flat-out rejected. This was due to the environment those users were working in and had become acclimatised to. Because of this, they could not adapt, and we were breaking all of their perceived rules. The point of this is, if it doesn’t work for the enterprise or the user, you don’t have to go with Fiori- it’s all about what works best!


What is Fiori Launchpad?

Typically, Fiori Launchpad is a home page for users with tiles for SAP Applications. The Bluestonex approach is to make the launchpad a unified entry point for all users for multiple back-end SAP systems. The tiles on the home page are arranged in groups and can be personalised.


A New Digital Experience

It’s our belief that the new digital experience needs, first and foremost, to be consistent. The concept of the Fiori launchpad is great, but when you take in the younger generation- Gen Y or Z, they are still quite alien to the Fiori experience. Therefore, consistency is important, and Fiori can give us that. It’s also about the context for the user. Fiori is role-based, but is it personalised enough for the user?

The collaboration aspect could also be seen as lacking- partly due to it being a very technical bit of kit making collaboration and connecting one system to another quite tricky for those who aren’t aware of Fiori.


SAP Work Zone- A new enterprise experience

SAP Work Zone enables you to build a digital workplace solution to increase user productivity and engagement. It centralises access to relevant business applications, processes, information and communication in a unified entry point that your users can access from any device.


Benefits of SAP Work Zone

There are many success factors associated with SAP Work Zone. Here are just a few of the main ones which we think are key to digitally transforming an organisation:

  • Increase user productivity by quickly accessing apps, processes and information.
  • Harmonise user experience across SAP and third-party applications
  • Increase user engagement by providing integrated information and collaboration tools.
  • Speed up decision-making by providing an integrated environment for collaboration, workflows, business apps, reporting and information.


Key Capabilities of SAP Work Zone

  • Central access for apps, tasks, notifications, information and communication.
  • Integrated collaboration capabilities
  • Seamless SAP and third-party apps integration
  • Extensible framework for development, customisation and branding.


SAP Work Zone at a glance

  • Employee-focused: The Work Zone is your area. It’s fully configurable and can be personalised based on individual user requirements, making it incredibly easy to use role-based data.
  • Launchpad: A centralised location for your SAP business applications, data and processes.
  • Team collaboration: Self-service personal, project, topical, departmental and community workspace
  • Knowledge base: Create, retain and share knowledge across the whole organisation
  • SAP Business Apps: Quick access to SAP S/4HANA and other frequently used business apps.
  • Integrate conversational AI: Develop and integrate chatbots for better automation.
  • My inbox: Process workflow tasks that matter to you within the integrated My inbox application.


Myth 4: Innovation requires the latest version of SAP ERP like S/4 HANA.

In short, not. What you can see in the Webinar is Advancement Pack 7 plugin. Which isn’t the latest and greatest and is done intentionally to show you that you can do a lot with your existing suite.



As you may have gathered from the Webinar, there’s a lot to take in around BTP, Fiori and Work Zone. That’s why we are more than happy to offer a free demonstration for any of the products or services you may still have unanswered questions for. To organise your free BTP demonstration, click here.

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