Webinar: MDG – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Webinar overview

Master Data Governance (MDG) is a vast subject area with many complexities… But it doesn’t have to be. Through digital transformation, we reveal how to take the bad and the ugly and convert them into good.

Get the answer to questions like what is MDG, why is MDG important and get a demonstration of our Master Data Governance solution, Maextro. You can find more information about our Master Data Services here.

What is Business Process Management and why is it relevant?

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimise and automate business processes.

Any combination of methods used to manage a company’s business processes is considered BPM. As an approach, BPM sees processes as important assets of an organisation that must be understood, managed and developed in order to deliver value-added products and services to clients or customers.


Trends we see for BPM & Data

  1. Process management will make an important contribution to *net zero.
  2. Collaborative design will be a decisive success factor for your process initiatives. This means different people from different areas & encouraging diversity.
  3. Some organisations have a CDO (Chief Data Officer)- What about a CPO?
  4. Process excellence will be recognised as the foundation for agile enterprises to grow and scale or to be more diverse as an enterprise.
  5. Process management will link operational process execution with experience management. This will link more about how customers interact with an organisation.
  6. Enterprises do this today, but CX (customer experience) is becoming another important consideration in BPM.
  7. A lot of BPM software can do areas 1-4 (discover through to measure) reasonably well. However, the execution of improving, optimising and automating business processes is still a challenge. This will change over time as boutique partners deliver new solutions.


What is MDG?

In short, MDG is a master data governance solution from SAP. It is an add-on and on-premises system. Its role is to handle any data within a business system and ensure accuracy is maintained across the various platforms a business may use.


Why MDG?

Good quality and clear master data an essential to a business as it underpins any area involving a communication or transaction at any level of the business. SAP master data governance for financials records payments being made, and expenditures and can affect revenue growth- the lifeblood of any business. sap master data governance best practices ensure that a business is operating efficiently, controlling cost and is agile enough to adapt to all on-coming changes. Good MDG is a means to an end for creating a successful, large-scale business.


MDG Complexities

Mass data loads and mass updates

No out of the box Business Process onboarding. This means the process is overly manual and time-consuming making it inefficient for businesses looking to see a quick ROI. Furthermore, this can also cause issues to arise from incorrect onboarding.

  • Total cost of ownership and complexity of tool
  • Standard solutions covers only limited master data
  • Large technical teams for maintenance


Connecting MDG to Maextro

Maextro is a master data governance solution from Bluestonex. It is built on Core SAP, which easily adds to existing SAP or S4 systems. Secondly, Maextro is fully configurable, meaning you can design your own rules and frameworks- whether sequential, parallel or conditional. All configurations can be done with a functional consultant in as little as 4 minutes, negating the need for a technical consultant.

Ultimately, making it fully configurable makes the customer’s life easier, which is the goal behind Maextro’s development.

The GUI of Maextro is not only up to Fiori standards, but also Bluestonex’s own, which guarantees a high standard of usability and intuitive design.

Maextro is a great first step in digital transformation for an enterprise of any size. Its built-in governance resilience can handle the whole governance process- as well as data health and duplication checks. It can also be deployed along with other third-party business process management solutions and the SAP Enterprise CORE Master data Hub, just to provide a secondary governance safety net. Style of deployment has a lead time of up to just four weeks.

Whereas core master data is governed by SAP MDG, Application master data governance can be achieved with Maextro. Diving into the benefits a little deeper,

  • Maextro has a lightweight deployment for local governance
  • Get a balance between central and local master data
  • Out-of-the-box connectors to SAP MDG
  • Maextro improves data quality and governance
  • Includes chatbots
  • Hyper automation with IRPA and BPM.


How does Maextro integrate with MDG?

Maextro is built around a master data governance model that simplifies the process for any user. The process starts by making a change request in SAP MDG, whilst maintaining the core master data. Once approved by MDG, the data is replicated back into the local system where Maextro APIs are triggered. It generates a task list for local users, from which the users undertake data gathering. Once final approvals are made, the data is created in the back end of the system.


Maextro and UX

Maextro comes with our own standard Fiori apps to create and approve requests. There are also apps for analytics and tracking master data requests. Bluestonex custom Fiori client can/ should be used if being used on a tablet or mobile devices.

SAPUI5 and Slipstream UI5 apps are recommended for a seamless, unified entry point to SAP and Maextro.

SAPUI5 app functions include:

  • Create requests
  • Approve requests (read only)
  • Task list
  • Data Log
  • Approve Data (read only)
  • User admin
  • Simple analytics
  • Ditto duplicate analysis
  • Align data cleansing
  • Business Partner Portal

Using the bad and the ugly for good MDG.

What we see out in the marketplace with MDG and other data governance solutions is that they are fairly complex and aren’t intuitive for users to adopt and make full use of. What we have done with Maextro is simplify the user interface, integrate it with existing systems and extend processing in a fully configurable way. In short, we’ve taken the bad and the ugly side of MDG and built a system that makes MDG Simpler and easier across the board.

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