Webinar: SAP Manufacturing Data Management Demystified with Maextro

Webinar Overview

Problems with Manufacturing Data Management? Data quality issues manifesting themselves into product launch delays? Or perhaps compliance issues? Worse still, these pesky data gremlins may only be surfacing themselves too late within the plan-to-produce lifecycle. How to embed system driven measures to ensure data accuracy and completeness or simply don’t know where to start?

Join Callum Bromley and Feroz Khan for an interactive demonstration of how manufacturing data management within an SAP environment can be demystified with Maextro.

The demonstration will largely focus upon an example use case for coordinating data management practices across multiple SAP data objects (Material Master(s), BOM(s), Routing(s)/Master Recipe(s) and Production Versions) enabling key users within the enterprise to collaborate towards the end goal of a complete handover to manufacturing.

The use case will showcase the following key capabilities of their Maextro SAP solution:

  • Multi-domain SAP data management with one application
  • Workflow across global and local business representatives
  • Automated data attribute maintenance
  • Enforced process and governance model
  • Monitoring reports for data workload and pipeline management

Finally, they will also share what success could yield in these areas as well as looking forward to emerging SAP technologies, deciphering what these could potentially mean for your manufacturing data management practices going forward.


What is data management in the manufacturing industry?

Modern Master Data Management (MDM) transforms an analogue manufacturing operation into an intelligent, modern enterprise. It helps businesses to keep a consistent output with an automatically updated overview of operations. This helps manufacturers to make better decisions when driving growth in their business. It has positive implications for the whole manufacturing process, from vendors to customers and the processes in between that are at the heart of operations. It goes beyond the remit of data governance as it underpins manufacturing as a whole.

What are the 3 main processes of data management?

MDM helps Manufacturers’ data is correct and of the highest quality for better decision-making. There are processes within MDM that handle each aspect of this. For example, the three main processes of data management are data remediation & governance, data consolidation and data quality management. After these three processes, data is ready for analytics and reporting. It’s about maintaining a good input for a better output.

What is data management software for manufacturing?

Data management software, which includes an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is designed to improve the output of manufacturers by providing a higher level of data quality and advanced analytical functionality. ERP software integrates into the existing business processes and manufacturing operations, creating better visibility and control over operations.

Data Management Software like Maextro helps manufacturers make the most of their ERP, which often goes underused. Unique capabilities such as Align and Ditto enable manufacturers to retroactively remediate whole master databases. Utilising Maextro helps manufacturers get the maximum return on investment from their ERP and helps to keep operations agile and efficient- which is more important than ever.


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