Creating business process automation: Brakes UK & Bluestonex

Got quarter of an hour for a coffee break? Take a listen to how we helped Brakes achieve business process automation and simplification on SAP’s ‘Packaged Podcast’.

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Our Co-Founder, Dan Barton and Brakes UK’s Chris Whinfrey joined Caroline Egan on her podcast highlighting business process transformations using SAP. Brakes is a national leading food service provider. From fresh meat, frozen and ambient products serving hospitals, restaurants and many other places, SAP is hugely important to their operations.

Brakes needed a way to improve their customer and colleague experience, simplify business processes and reduce costs. Bluestonex were brought in to improve warehouse administration processes- which were plagued by complexity and repetition across 20 different distribution centres.

With a challenging labour market currently, improving staff retention and colleague experience was a high priority for Brakes to retain high-skill staff and make recruiting more attractive- common painpoints across manufacturing and distribution companies today. Listen to the full version now to discover why we decided to introduce Maextro, how it’s helped Brakes solve their pains and how’s introduced Business Process Automations.


“Choose a Partner that shares your passion for delivery”- Chris Whinfrey, Brakes.

If you are currently plagued by the same issues as Chris or are currently investigating how to introduce/ improve business process automation, join us for a chat to see how we can help. Or automation experts are always happy to discuss how we can fit into the DNA of your business and leave you with a culture for innovation. Register your interest in business process automation here.


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