How to get the best post-implementation support for SAP software

Post-implementation support is the final stage in the launch process of an SAP project. It ensures that the business can use the new software and that it delivers on its planned objectives. It also ensures a smooth transition from the consulting firm to clients. Post-implementation support is critical to ensuring that your business can adapt to new ways of working, as well as using and maintaining new technology. In this article, we look at how to get the best post-implementation support including what it is and why it’s important.


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What is post-implementation support?

Post-implementation support is a service that assists with any issues or questions a client may have about new software or programming. It also ensures effective communication during the transition period so that your company can stay up-to-date on how things are going and make any necessary adjustments. Close follow-up is another important part of post-implementation support, as it ensures that you know exactly what is happening with your project and can identify any potential problems as soon as possible.

What is hypercare meaning?

When you’re launching a new software product, it’s important to have post-implementation support in place. Hypercare is a way for software providers to provide extra care to customers after the launch of their products.

It’s important to ensure that your customers are getting the best experience with your product, and the meaning of hypercare makes sure that they do. It allows providers to seek customer feedback and allows you to retain customers by an external provider making sure everything is working properly. It’s also a good way to teach customers how to get the most out of your product.

How to get the best post-implementation support

To get the best post-implementation support, businesses need to make sure they are:

1. Partnering with an experienced team

The post-implementation phase of new software is crucial to its long-term success. The key to getting the best support from your provider is finding a team that is experienced and specialised in the product you’ve chosen.

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Partnering with an experienced team will ensure there are plenty of resources available for your post-implementation needs. A well-trained specialised team can also help post-implementation with their specialised knowledge of the product. This ensures that there are no issues or concerns after implementation has taken place, leaving both parties free to focus on growing their business.

2. Making sure the company offers the support services they need

When you’ve implemented a new system, it’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to support your employees when they have questions or need help. The company must be able to answer these questions and provide the support services they need for them to be able to perform their daily tasks efficiently. If the company doesn’t offer the post-implementation support services that are necessary, then there will be an increase in costs as well as time spent on training new employees and finding ways for current ones to complete their jobs effectively.

Application support

Application support is a vital aspect of any business. When you implement a new software solution, it is important that you understand the technical and functional aspects of the software to ensure its success. It is also important that the users of the software understand how they can work with it effectively and efficiently.


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Our application support services can help you achieve this by providing a better understanding of both the technical and functional aspects of your chosen software solution.

Transition support

Transition support is a service that can be provided by any business transition from a legacy system to the latest SAP ERP servers. The transition process is an essential part of any new software implementation, and it needs to be planned so that it is carried out smoothly. We ensure that the whole transition process is smooth from the planning stage to the implementation of the transition.

Stabilisation and hypercare

The best post-implementation support is the kind that is available right from day one. It ensures that your users receive a prompt and reliably high-quality service, and it’s based on your specific requirements. Stabilisation is designed to help you get up to speed on your new system with minimal disruption to your business. Hypercare is designed for the management of the system and its data after its launch, as well as ongoing support for any issues that may arise.

3. Carefully consider the benefits on offer

There are several benefits associated with post-implementation support. The most obvious one is 24/7 access to a dedicated member of staff who can help you resolve any issues which arise during the implementation process. This is important because if something goes wrong it can be costly in terms of time and resources to resolve it. Having someone on hand at all times will mean that there’s always someone available to help you out with any problems that might crop up.

Post-implementation support offers quick response times, so if you do have an issue then they’ll be able to address it quickly so as not to waste time or money while they work on resolving it.

Why choose Bluestonex?

At Bluestonex, we believe that providing high-quality post-implementation support is an essential part of a successful software launch. We are also currently the highest-rated UK SAP partner for customer satisfaction (as recorded by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group 2020).

That’s why we offer a range of different post-implementation support services to meet the specific needs of our clients. These include application support, transition support, and hypercare support. Contact us today for more information.

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