SAP BTP for Business Partner Onboarding – where to start & how to derive value

When looking at the SAP marketplace, you may notice some of the traditional SAP Products, like Business Objects, BW and HANA are all shifting. These same products that we are all familiar with have been given shiny new names like SAP Analytics Cloud, Data Warehouse Cloud and HANA Cloud as part of the SAP Rise digital accelerations for the modern business era. In short, rising to the cloud amounts to one underlying fact- SAP BTP is going to be everywhere for SAP customers.

This includes delicate areas which rely on individual complexities and a constant exchange of data to be effective, like business partner onboarding. Combining these recent innovations with supply chain instabilities and external issues affecting vendor relationships, many organisations have been left wondering where to start & how to derive value from business partners. It’s these concerns we addressed in the webinar below.