We’re SAP BTP Experts… Officially!

SAP BTP Experts

It’s official, we are SAP BTP experts. In a significant milestone, Bluestonex is proud to announce that we have achieved SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) accreditation. This accomplishment marks a remarkable journey of dedication, hard work, and excellence. In this blog, we will delve into our SAP BTP journey, the rigorous accreditation process, and the multiple areas in which our fantastic team is now SAP certified.

Summing up SAP BTP

SAP BTP, or Business Technology Platform, is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower businesses by providing an agile and integrated technology foundation. It encompasses various key areas, including database and data management, application management and integration, analytics and planning, and more. SAP BTP equips organisations with the tools to streamline their operations and make data-driven decisions.

The Accreditation Journey

Becoming SAP BTP experts is not an easy feat. It requires a commitment to excellence and the pursuit of comprehensive knowledge in ever-changing SAP technology. Bluestonex embarked on this journey with the determination to provide our clients with the best solutions and services. The accreditation process involved rigorous training, extensive assessments, and practical application of SAP BTP knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

Our SAP BTP accreditation covers a range of vital areas, making us well-rounded experts in this domain. Let’s explore the specific areas where Bluestonex excels:

Database and Data Management

In the realm of database and data management, Bluestonex’s expertise allows us to efficiently manage and leverage data to support our clients’ business objectives. With the SAP BTP accreditation, we ensure that data is not just a valuable asset but a strategic advantage for our clients.

Application Management and Integration

Our team’s proficiency in application management and integration facilitates the seamless operation of complex systems. SAP BTP enables us to connect disparate systems and applications, ensuring they work cohesively to boost productivity and efficiency.

Analytics and Planning

Analytics and planning are critical for making informed business decisions. With our SAP BTP certification in this area, Bluestonex can offer advanced analytics solutions and comprehensive planning tools, enabling clients to optimise their operations and achieve their goals.

The Team Behind the Achievement

Bluestonex’s journey to SAP BTP accreditation wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated team. Our experts have invested their time and effort to acquire this accreditation, and their commitment to excellence is what sets Bluestonex apart.

SAP UX Consultant and BTP Expert, Vikash Kumar had this to say:

To become an expert in SAP BTP, it’s essential to understand its working and building blocks. The more services you are familiar with, the better you can assist customers in making informed decisions. With the technology stack constantly evolving, it’s crucial to stay updated, and this requires continuous learning and unlearning in the cloud space (don’t forget webIDE to SAP BAS and neo to cloud foundry ????)


I get a sense of satisfaction only when I do new things; there is no joy in doing the same old thing again and again. Bluestonex is a place where you get involved in multiple projects, volunteer for research and development work and hence learn. I think it works for me, personally and for the organisation, too!”

vikash portrait black and white

Benefits of SAP Accreditation

The benefits of achieving SAP BTP accreditation are substantial. Bluestonex is now better equipped to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. We have the knowledge and tools needed to address their unique challenges and drive their success. BTP users can also rest assured that they are getting the most advanced services with the top experts in the field for their investment.

Impact on Clients

This achievement directly benefits our clients. It ensures that Bluestonex can provide them with the most advanced and efficient SAP BTP solutions. We are now better positioned to help our clients navigate the complexities of modern business technology.


In conclusion, Bluestonex’s official SAP BTP accreditation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing the best solutions to our clients. Our fantastic team’s expertise in database and data management, application management and integration, and analytics and planning positions Bluestonex as a leading expert in the SAP BTP ecosystem.

For more information and to explore how Bluestonex can support your business, visit our BTP services page now.