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Data makes up the building blocks of your business. But without complete data, your business can only build so high. If missing or incorrect, these values require a lot of time to correct when done manually.

Have you ever wished this could be resolved quickly and automatically?

Part of the Maextro Suite, Align is a one-of-a-kind solution on the market. Align is the ultimate cleansing tool and exists to identify all misaligned data records in one go. It does this by possessing a powerful rule-based engine. Rules come pre-delivered but can also be configured to the needs of the organisation. It’s simply the best way to remediate SAP data.


Align automates data correction in your SAP master data. Using its powerful, configurable rule-based engine, it does what would take an employee hours or days in just minutes. This leaves employees, and the wider organisation to focus on using that data for the good of the organisation and making strategic decisions.

Remediate SAP Data

Align is an SAP data correction tool designed to identify and correct all erroneous or missing data values in bulk. If your current processes are slowed with manual, tedious Master data checks, Align provides a simple UX that gets the job done in minutes.

Rule Based Queries

Align boasts thorough selection criteria which come pre-delivered and with the flexibility to be configured to suit an organisation as it needs. Set up the rules and Align quickly draws up all missing or erroneous data sets for approval, removal or editing.

Background Processing

Focus on other strategic tasks and let Align work in the background. Just set the selection criteria and run. Free up employee time to focus on the bigger picture and instantly improve their user experience by removing the need for monotonous manual checking.

Mass Correction

Align makes data correction as efficient as it can be. Once highlighted, data can be corrected, removed, and approved in one go. This removes complexities for data governance staff and allows them to spend more time on tasks of greater importance.


Reduce Manual Checks

Easily improve the user of experience of your employees and make data processing an efficient exercise with Aligns automation. Align reduces manual data checks completely, with the only manual activities being removals, edits or approvals of changes.

S/4 HANA Migration

Many large organisations are waking up to the reality of migration to S/4HANA. Align has been designed to play a key role in an SAP data migration strategy. Used as an SAP data migration tool, Align can prevent expensive data errors from causing disruptions during migration. Migration is an ideal time to cleanse data with Align.

Increase Governance Capabilities

Align’s powerful rule-based engine reduces the risk of human error in data governance. Being able to check all data records in one go also allows for better checks which makes government compliance easy.


Align is the only type of data remediation tool on the market. Its capabilities need to be seen to be believed. To see how it can improve data remediation in your organisation get in touch today for a live demo. Click the button below to arrange a call with a master data expert.



The topic of Data remediation can be somewhat confusing and open to misinterpretation. We've found that the same questions keep popping up so here are the answers to a few of the most common ones.

Data remediation refers to the process of checking, cleaning, organising or migrating data. It is an essential process to ensure data is correct and serving it’s purpose so that an organisation can run at its best. The process is typically done by a data governance team manually. However, Align data checking tool automates this process and remediates in bulk.

It’s easy to think of performing remediations as simply deleting old data. It’s not that simple. Data remediation extends into cleaning, reorganising and migrating data. These checks are typically done manually by a data governance team working through each value one at a time. Using Align, this process can be done in one go and corrections can quickly be dispatched for efficient remediation.

Remediation of SAP Master data is unforgivably a neglected area. Historically there have not been any tools specifically designed for remediation. This leaves the process a largely manual and tedious one. However, Align is a new tool which automates remediation and cleans data using pre-set rules. It’s the best of its kind and the only one of it’s kind.

With the cut-off of SAP ECC looming, organisations are looking for better ways to remove complexities and improve the UX of migrating to S/4HANA. Align data remediation tool speeds up the migration process by handling the aforementioned pain points. It enables a swift cleansing of an organisation's data as it goes, making the transition effective and smooth. Align is a tool that should be on all SAP users SAP data migration checklist.