XWhat is Blueskyx?

Blueskyx is a service allowing every company to have access to the latest and greatest SAP technology without needing to mess with their own infrastructure!

No Infrastructure Requirments

There is no dependencies on your back end patch levels. Retain all your data in your back end system but plug into the Cloud environment to handle the UI. Removing the need and cost for a Gateway system to access Fiori Launchpad and applications for example.

Plug and Play

Simply plug into the Cloud and play. Gain access to standard and custom UI5 applications for complete business processes regardless of your back end and stay in the loop with the latest and greatest UI Technologies!

Pick and Mix

Purchase access to complete suites of apps, covering complete business processes such as Engineering, Warehousing or Purchasing; or choose a selection from all applications to create your own tailored app list.


There is a number of models available, giving you a flexible choice on how you want to access, control and maintain your new launchpad and applications.

Partner Managed Cloud

  • We provide you you're own cloud platform, managed by us
  • Choose apps to deploy to your new cloud UI
  • Price per user, per month
  • Future proof UI
  • Support and Development Days

On Premise 1

  • Choose apps and we will deploy to your Gateway system or Cloud platform
  • Monthly support and development days
  • Full design services available including design thinking workshops
  • Knowledge transfer and training available

On Premise 2

  • UX Services including support and development
  • Monthly development and support days included
  • Full design services including design thinking workshops and human centred design.


XThe Architecture

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