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XWhat is Blueskyx?

Cloud & on premise services via Blueskyx

Blueskyx is our new services area allowing customers to choose Cloud, On premise, or a Hybrid of both services. We are helping you gain expertise & capability with the latest SAP UX & game changing technologies.


Utilising the SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud - Low Infrastructure Requirements

There are no dependencies on your ERP patch levels or the need for SAP Gateway. Retain & secure all your data in your back-end system whilst plugging into the Cloud environment exposing the technologies and beautiful UI’s. We are using SAP Cloud Platform as our embedded platform as a service. We are including connection, application development / deployment, design, prototyping, training and support.

Cloud - Plug and Play

Simply plug into the Blueskyx Cloud and play. Gain access to standard & custom UI5 applications for complete business processes re-Imagineering. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest UI Technologies and new innovations. Importantly, never have to worry about the cost of a UI upgrade.

Apps - Pick and Mix

You can access one or a complete suite of apps (for both Cloud & on prem services), covering complete business processes such as Finance, Sales, Engineering, Warehousing or Purchasing; or choose a Blueskyx app from our design winning catalogue. If its not there, we can design and deploy it for you.

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There are a number of models available, giving you a flexible choice on how you want to access, control and maintain your new unified launchpad and applications.

Partner Managed Cloud

  • We provide you our own cloud platform, (hosted by SAP) managed & maintained by us
  • Choose apps to deploy to your new cloud UI
  • Price per app and by user, per month
  • Future proof UI
  • Support and Development Days Included

Hybrid 1

  • Choose apps and we will deploy to your Gateway system or your own Cloud platform
  • Monthly support and development days
  • Full design services available including design thinking workshops
  • Knowledge transfer and training available

Hybrid 2

  • UX Services including support and development
  • Monthly development and support days included
  • Full design services including design thinking workshops and human centred design.

Hybrid 3

  • Purchase our apps as a one off and you deploy


XThe Architecture

There are multiple architecture options available such as...
1: You already have a Gateway server (onPrem or your own Cloud) utilise the Blueskyx software and services.
2: Data and Cloud Connector located in your back end and then utilise the Blueskyx services (Cloud Software and services)...

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