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Blueskyx Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) service is a solution whereby we (Bluestonex) can buy the SAP licenses on behalf of the customer, then bundle those licenses with cloud hosting and a managed services solution.  We move you quickly to high value/ROI with an affordable amonthly operating expense (OPEX) for innovation with our predefined service packages.

Blueskyx PMC services offer an extensive catalogue of SAP and non-sap applications that can be purchased at once or in piece meal.  Our Customers that already have on-premise systems can use the PMC program just for additional SAP products they wish to use. Incredibly easy and straightforward plug & play program which provides numerous benefits to the customers. 

Benefits include...

SAP licenses, application hosting, and managed services bundled into a single operating expense.  Pay a single monthly fee for the use of SAP software just like in a SaaS model, and scale up as you see fit.

There’s no huge outlay of capital for an initial set up, software or hardware purchase allowing you to spend capital budget on more pressing business needs

Own all your data and just utilise services to expose that data in the Cloud User Interface layer. Have access to endless other services, all broken down in one transparent monthly cost

If you've been off SAP Maintenance for more than 2 years, the PMC model will get you back on SAP support and forego any maintenance back payments!

Unlike other cloud solutions you aren’t forced into mandatory quarterly updates or downtimes that adversely interrupt your business. With our Blueskyx PMC services, no more lengthy lead times to negotiate, procure and implement infrastructure. Implementation is streamlined with our functional and technical expertise that can quickly assess, blueprint and implement any of the SAP services within the cloud platform.

API Managment

Integration is fast becoming the #1 strategic priority for any organization in this digital age. An intelligent enterprise is an integrated enterprise. In order to become an intelligent enterprise, organizations need to tame inherent complexity.

More than ever, enterprise application portfolios and landscapes are heterogeneous and complex. Line-of-businesses (finance, HR, procurement and sales) leaders have bought ready-to-run SaaS solutions to reduce costs and move faster, however, these applications are not integrated. Data and processes spread across multiple apps leading to a lack of a 360-degree view of the business – customers, partners, and employees.
Integration is the key to bridge these silos across applications, data, processes and provide a foundation to apply intelligence, enable digital interactions as well as create connected digital experiences that customers so want. At Bluestonex, we understand the importance of simplifying integration for our customers so they can focus on innovations on top. We have extensive experience in SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite which is a service on the cloud to simplify integration for our customers by combing together the right set of services.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is an open and modular iPaaS ((integration platform-as-a-service) supporting a comprehensive set of end-to-end integration scenarios. Integration scenarios represent the customer-jobs-to-done, the modular set of integration services work together in cohesion to support these customer scenarios.

Database Managment

Are you still using file system, pen and paper or have multiple peripheral databases to record daily activities/transactions? Do you spend too much time consolidating all these measured facts and figures every day from different sources?   

Bluestonex help businesses in their digital transformation journey with latest and greatest offerings from SAP Cloud Platform while keeping the core clean.  We extensively use and develop cloud applications powered by SAP HANA for businesses desiring to have better insights from the data they have by leveraging the in-memory computing ability of SAP HANA. This empowers organizations to make quick decisions and get better insights