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If your organisation needs a quick response to technical change requests or project then BluestoneX can react with expertise across all ERP areas. We have certified consultants within our Operations Group that deliver business transformation programmes enabled by SAP business applications. The team consists of experienced process and technology practitioners and their skills extending into areas including financials, order management, logistics and distribution, sourcing and procurement, solution architecture and programme governance.

Our Tools

Introducing Maextro

Maextro is a master data management solution that enables your organisation to create and maintain a trusted, transparent view of your enterprise master data information assets.


SAP Health Check

It’s all very well sweating your assets but make sure the assets don’t sweat so much that they have a serious health issue, keel over and cost you a lot of money. Let our SAP technical experts give your ERP a health check with recommendations on areas to improve from areas relating to technical, functional or your user experience.
You have invested a lot of money in SAP
- So ask yourself: Are we getting the most from it?
From functional areas to end to end process, we run health checks and deliver a swift diagnosis & recovery plan. We will leave the customer with a clear view of their SAP application health status & the value of UX whilst passing on the knowledge and skill so customers can build their own capabilities in house. We can cover all or one of the following areas:


  • Let our BASIS & Technical Consultants measure & bench mark where you are from a technical perspective and how you can improve.
  • System performance costing you money?
  • Bespoke/Customised programmes causing you issues?

  • 2. FUNCTIONAL AREAS ACROSS CORE — Modular and process consultants (all of which are certified SAP Value Engineers)

  • Let our functional consultants work with you to review configuration areas & deep dive into processes.
  • How is your Productivity from an ERP level?
  • Is your configuration correct or can it be improved?
  • Have you business agility?
  • Do you suffer from process bottlenecks?

  • 3. UX Design Consultants have design in mind for end user audience(mobile first mind-set)

  • Are your users dissatisfied with your SAP environment?
  • Multiple clicks to destination?
  • Complicated screens and processes?

  • What are SAP Clinics?

    We offer an on Site SAP Clinic (or remote if you so wish) offering a clear framework to get the most of your SAP environment.
    Is your SAP system unwell? From a deep dive technical architecture review to SAP end user CLINIC workshops (reducing number of clicks, designing your new user interface and removing pain points in the back office).
    What are we doing about it?
    At BluestoneX we are looking to engage with clients that run SAP. We specialise in improving not just their User Experience but their Enterprise Experience bringing a different mind-set & approach to Projects, Initiatives or bottlenecks in their ERP platforms.
    We run BluestoneX Clinics (technical, functional & UX). We use a variety of consulting techniques and tool sets (software overlays such as Persona’s, NWBC, Gui-XT, HR Renewel) to help customers get more from their SAP investment.

    SSAP Managed Services

    We can provide real value for money when it comes to SAP support. Unlike other SAP service providers, we just don’t “fix” and “fly” but we analyse, recommend best fit and fix — this is how we add business value!
    Our expertise stems from managing in-house SAP support teams and also managing 3rd Party Support Vendors. Our people, processes and systems are built to maximise our support offering. The right people can be deployed on their respective area for any piece of work with their time being charged down to 30 minute increments. This ensures our customers get the right expertise, that we can be flexible, and that they only pay for 100% productive time.
    We have various flexible long term, short term & “Pay as you go” support models — please call us to discuss your needs.

    Our Expertise

    SAP UX: SAP Fiori, SAP Personas, Design Thinking
    SAP ERP general and industries expertise in Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Transportation, Oil and Retail.