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Good data is at the heart of every successful business operation. Modern business operations rely on high-quality data to guide decision-making and agility. However, with data consumption on the rise, so do the risks of data errors, drops in productivity and specialised teams for governance.

We offer a range of top DaaS solutions to cater to all your Data processing needs. Ranging from duplicate checks and vendor self-service portals, up to our full Master Data Management & Governance tool 'Maextro' which handles the creation, change, extension and alignment of master data records across all master data objects, using customisable templates and rules to provide users with control over their processes.


Our Data as a Service Solutions are designed with modern enterprises in mind. We have a variety of DaaS Suites for a variety of purposes, but at their heart, they all help relieve similar pains across any data-dependent organisation. Whether financial, retail, manufacturing, health care or any other industry, our data software enables businesses to automate governance, mitigate risks in data processes, simplify user experience and de-skill technical roles. Discover our DaaS suites below.


Ditto is your all-in-one data duplicate and consistency check tool.

  • Powerful algorithm built-in
  • Increase employee satisfaction with consumer-grade user experience.
  • Search for exact matches or similar records
  • Prevent errors and save space

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Identify misaligned data records in one go and prevent errors from hindering your database

  • Simple but thorough correction criteria
  • Powerful rule-based engine with pre-delivered or configurable rules
  • Collaborative workflow for security and validation requested changes
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Data dashboard software for a high-level breakdown of you data health. Get live data analysis and reporting on your data.

  • Monitor the number of records created and changed
  • Material & Business Partner coverage
  • Export to spreadsheets

Data dashboard software for a high-level breakdown of you data health. Get live data analysis and reporting on your data.

  • Monitor the number of records created and changed
  • Material & Business Partner coverage
  • Export to spreadsheets

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Maextro by Bluestonex is the slickest, most cost-effective, efficient way of improving your SAP Master data management processes. To find out more, click the button below to visit the Maextro website.

  • Built on core SAP with optional Cloud extras
  • Process Driven
  • Cost Effective
  • Pre-configured and flexible
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Bluestonex offer a SAP Master Data Management BPO (business process outsourcing) solution proven to deliver significant time, cost and resource savings of up to 90%.
These services will be closely aligned to your global business process owners to facilitate and execute the processes required to manage and improve your MDM & Governance. We can augment or largely replace these services to further improve efficiency by deploying Maextro, our automated MDM & Governance software for SAP.

We can demonstrate significant efficiency savings via our case studies with existing large clients including XP Power, BAE Systems, Princes & Babcock. Bluestonex ultimately simplify the operational activities associated with master data, including but not limited to:

FTE Reduction improving processes/performance) via our skilled team

Improving data quality removing data errors/disruptions due to incorrect master data

Lowering remaining FTE cost via our software framework.

Visibility of process bottlenecks therefore Improving time to market with more efficient data processing.



DaaS unlocks new efficiencies through automation and governance, which leads to new growth. When data is accurate and organisations have confidence in this, it creates a new found certainty in decision-making. It’s accurate decision-making faster, which creates better chances of success when reacting to new market changes or acting on internal innovations.


DaaS makes data processing and management costs easier to reduce. With complete process visibility, resources can be increased or decreased depending on if they are needed or not. This means less time which making gut decisions which may not have a decent ROI and making calculated decisions using analytics to understand customers or a process to improve results.


Effective data management isn’t just about how it’s stored. It’s about how it can be used by an organisation to keep pressing forward. DaaS can draw data from all business sources into one analytical dashboard in seconds and update in real time. This means the most relevant data is always available, should an organisation need to move at pace with decisions. Less time searching and interpreting data means more time for action.


When making business decisions without data, personal biases and opinions can quickly bleed into the process, which puts the success of a projects and the wider organisation at risk.

DaaS solutions like Ditto and Maextro help reduce these risks by introducing data health and governance- preventing erroneous data from entering a system as well as seeking out and removing incomplete or duplicate data sets.


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Data as a Service (DaaS) is a data management utilised by businesses to treat data as an asset for business agility and decision-making. Similar to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, DaaS enables masses of business data to be transformed into meaningful information that provides value across the business landscape for decision-making and monitoring.

DaaS has many uses for a business with complex data needs. The term itself encompasses data storage, integration, processing, and/or analytics services via a network connection. However, all of these different applications amount to the same ultimate use. DaaS is a means to unlock more meaningful information from business data, which enables greater accuracy and agility for strategic business decision-making.

From an operational perspective, DaaS can be used to optimise data management, administration and business operations. This helps mitigate process inefficiencies and reduces the required staff and associated skills to run the process manually.

DaaS includes a suite of SaaS solutions designed to transform random business data into a decision-driving asset. This can be from data health and quality checks to data input automation and governance programs. The suites also include full analytic capability, with customisable user interfaces for the best user experience and adoption. DaaS is an outsourced service. This means all updates, maintenance and responsibility for data processing fall to the vendor of choice. This reduces staffing needs as well as the associated costs and increases analytical certainty in an organisation. All managed and all included under one monthly rate.

DaaS serves as a cost-effective means to monetize an organisation's data. It’s important as it has potential positive benefits for all areas of a business, including vendor relationships, and processing, through to customer experiences. DaaS serves to automate tedious data input increase reporting and metrics used to drive business decisions. It’s essential for any organisation with heavy data dependency but lacking the means to utilise it in-house.

With market uncertainty being a common theme throughout various industries, DaaS is an important tool in creating visibility and agility to navigate market hazards and better connect to potential customers

The positive benefits of DaaS should not be understated. This doesn’t only apply to revenue but also gains throughout the entire organisation and its customers. Here are some of the top benefits of Data as a Service.

DaaS suites come with fully configurable analytic dashboards, which improves the level of understanding and information readily available at the users finger tips. Furthermore, DaaS can be supported on the cloud reducing downtime and disruptions due to network errors.

As DaaS services are outsourced, the role of software updates and maintenance falls to the vendor. This reduces workload and pressures on internal data teams and eliminates the need for end-users to perform this tedious unproductive task.

As a cloud solution, DaaS is automatically more scalable than an on-prem solution as physical infrastructure does not need to be increased or maintained. This is a great opportunity to store vast amounts of data and not incur the cost interally.

When data is stored in an accessible place and can be pulled with one request, teams can collaborate with each other more easily. This is a great way to move with agility and generate new ideas. For example, product making companies can collaborate right the way through the supply chain from materials to customer experience in order to boost growth and general success.

DaaS has a variety of applications for various industries and various business departments for improvements. DaaS is a great option for large organisations that are reliant on data or wish to monetise their data but do not have the in-house means to do so. DaaS can be applied to the following business departments:

• Research and development
• Supply chain and inventory management
• Manufacturing operations
• Human Resources
• Strategic decision making
• Sales and Marketing

DaaS has seen a lot of success across the following industries:

• Telecoms
• Financial
• Government/ public sector
• Logistics
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Travel
• Energy
• Logistics
• Automotive
• Defence

Implementing a DaaS system can seem like a daunting task, given the individual complexities of an organisation. However, this is a misconception and is often a simple process.

This is mainly due to the fact that much of the set up, data migration and maintaince falls to a Data as a Service Provider. The hardest part for an organisation is picking the right solution and applying the information once it can be leveraged. Here are 4 simple steps to implementing DaaS:

1. Investigate and decide on the right solution. This decision can be based on price, scalability, reliability, flexibility, functionality and the ease of integrating the DaaS. As features like data duplicate checks are only available on Ditto, functionality may only have one right answer.

2. Register and activate the DaaS Platform. This can be done with the assistance of a DaaS vendor as some custom requirements may need to be met.

3. Migrate existing data into the solution. Be sure to run your data through Ditto duplicate checker and Align data remediation tool before adding to the new storage location to ensure maximum data quality from the start.

4. Start applying to business operations. Configure dashboards, provide training and start making data-driven decisions.