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We offer a range of software to cater to all your Master Data needs. Ranging from duplicate checks and vendor self service portals, up to our full Master Data Management & Governance tool 'Maextro' that handles the creation, change, extension and alignment of master data records across all master data object, using customisable templates and rules to provide users with control over their processes.

Although some of our data software offerings are standalone and can work independent of Maextro, most of them require or are well complimented by the tool. To find out more about the solution, visit the Maextro site.


Maextro by Bluestonex is the slickest, most cost effective, efficient way of improving your SAP Master data management processes. To find out more, click the button below to visit the Maextro website.


Fully integrated within your existing SAP ECC (and now S/4 Hana), leveraging SAP best practice and existing data structures, lowering TCO.


Stakeholder accountability to co-ordinate master data responsibilities transparently across the entire business network with Maextro’s own copyrighted workflow. Configure workflow and data rules quickly and efficiently.


Proactive management of master data through role-based, integrated user actions supported by Maextro’s pre-automated workflow and IMG rule engine (all easily configurable without the need for highly skilled resources typically required in data management solutions).


Broad out-of-the-box coverage for many SAP objects. Maextro is extendable, scalable and flexible with its powerful IMG so you can define and change your data model that can be propagated across the enterprise network.


Ditto - Duplicate check

A member of the Maextro family, but delivered as a standalone solution. Ditto is your all-in-one data duplicate and consistency check tool. Powerful algorithms power this simple application that gives you complete control over your search critera. Search by multiple values and also define a match weighting, allowing searches for exact matches or similar records.

Currently available for customer and vendor records, allowing you to search by name, address, VAT and IBAN codes, Account group and tax code. Find business partners that are unique, duplicates, shared across systems, contain invalid or incorrect data and or Invalid BPs to help you streamline the archiving of data.


Whether you use SAP Business Partner or SAP Customer/ SAP Vendor processing within your enterprise, Maextro's Business Partner Portal from Bluestonex helps you onboard and manage your vendors and customers data more efficiently and accurately. Using SAP Cloud Platform HANA Cloud, Portal and API services, the BP portal augments Maextro's capabilities of control and governance around your BP data whilst giving a simplistic and powerful portal for collaboration.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro's powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals and seamlessly integrated into SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA

Our Business Partner Portal is Cloud based, but requires our Master Data Management & Governance Tool 'Maextro' to be installed to your SAP system to handle the workflow, data storage and requests.

Vendor Onboarding, Registration and authentication app

Vendor Onboarding. Registration and authentication with security and piece of mind. Triggered from your buyers via Maextro MDG, email notifications for registration are sent to your business partners. Easy onboarding and registration of admin users within your partners business. Once registered, approvals happen giving further control and a notification back to your partners for data enrichments and validation. API services are used in run time so vendors cannot get their data incorrect. attachments can be requested and sent to each legal entity and controlled in a delightful UI. Questionnaires and certificate functionality is available as a framework for customising via low code Maextro & integration into qualtrics.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro's powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals.

Change my details app

Business parters can log in and change their details which will lead to a change request being created in Maextro for review/approval.


Our Data Health suite will give you a high level breakdown of the state of your data. Providing an insight into information such as the number of records created / changed over periods of time, broken down into categories such as material type or group for material, or Account group or BP role for Business Partner; as well as used vs not used records which give you the ability to identify records relevant for archiving.

Data Health Report

As the name suggests, this is a report for your data's health. With the option of setting up a secure connection to your ECC or S/4 system to obtain the data, or utilising an export program we deploy to your ECC system and importing to a Cloud based HANA DB. Currently available for Material Master and Business Partner records.

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