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SAP Digital Transformation

BSXDigitising with Bluestonex

The future of SAP enterprise technology is unfolding as in-memory, mobile, cloud, social and data-rich. However, digital transformation doesn’t just depend on the adoption of new SAP technology in isolation. Bluestonex’s digital transformation practice helps you strategically target use-cases for SAP digital technologies, whilst ensuring organisational readiness for embracing new digital capabilities in alignment with an overall digital roadmap.

We support organisations at all stages of their SAP digital transformational journey. From assessing digital capabilities and potential use-cases to enablement through best-suited SAP technology deployment, our collaborative approach helps ensure that your digital SAP initiatives are business transformational, structured towards innovation and remain value-orientated.   

SDigital Strategy

With Bluestonex you can identify opportunities and risks that digital transformation potentially creates. We work together with your business to redefine vision, goals and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives and to create a permanent culture of innovation.

Bluestonex Digital Transformation team can help you with your strategy by understanding and visualising your current state and projecting the future. We aim to leave your company in a permanent and constant stage of innovation where you will be prepared to improve business processes and to create and/or improve services and products. We are digital enablers! But how do we do that?.....

People —
 Using a human-centered approach, understanding digital transformation from your leaders perspective is crucial. At the end, the objective is to disseminate innovation culture through people. Adopting Digital Transformation very much is a human question.

Business —
 Digital Transformation should be part of your strategy and we bring the IT pillars into a business perspective. Here your enterprise can offer better or new services/products as well as operates better with new or/and improved processes.

Technology — 
What is out there? What do I have in my enterprise architecture right now? IT with cloud, mobile, data and network, is the final, not the last important, part of this equation. We match human and business goals with technology that is available now & ready you for the technology not available now but in the future through our innovation.

CCloud Journey

Interested in S/4 HANA technology and the options or are you looking to simplify your IT landscape? Let us also give you some golden nuggets for setting/retiring your legacy applications (SAP or non SAP). Speak to us about options of reducing cost, simplifying your ERP world & utilising the cloud solutions that are available today (examples being HANA Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure & AWS).

IoTInternet of Things

How can IoT transform your business? Bluestonex and SAP IoT platform allows your business to be connected, sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. It creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into your systems, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. Everything is possible!

DDigital Innovation

Innovation is to take advantage of Digital Transformation to create a disruptive products, services or processes. Bluestonex helps your company to innovate by creating an environment that supports creative thinking and efforts to extract knowledge from different areas of your business. We guide business, technology and above all, the human aspects of your organisation to embace new opportunities. Bluestonex is an “Innovation Enabler”.

MIntroducing Maextro

CChange Managment

Perception is everything! Some people see change management as totally different things depending on what part of the room you sit in. We see two distinct areas of equal importance across an enterprise.

There is OCM (Organisational Change Management) which deals with transitioning individuals, teams, and organisational units from the current state to the desired future state post the ERP implementation. If this first area is completed successfully it can make the difference between failure and success. We have seen many technically sound projects fail because of the lack of organisational change management.

Secondly there is Technical SAP Change Management that looks at technical activities such as deployment activities (parallel development, retrofit, sequence management and release management) along with accelerated testing approaches which will ensure minimal reliance on human effort and discipline resulting in higher quality change control.