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Ditto - Duplicate Check Tool FOR SAP MASTER DATA



Modern Enterprises are reliant on good data at all levels of operation. Whether paying an invoice or using analytics for strategic decision-making, it underpins everything. If duplicate sets of data are entered in a system, this can lead to false analytics or payment errors. Fixing or preventing duplicate errors requires a lot of time and effort.

So how can a business quickly and effectively check if they have duplicates lurking?

Part of the Data Health X solution, Ditto is an application offered as a service on SAP Business Technology Platform and powered by SAP HANA Cloud, which churns data, predicts potential duplicates based on smart algorithms, and delivers business insight on the current state of Master Data. DITTO also offers powerful selection criteria, and simplified ways to analyse your data. It’s the best way to spot and remove duplicates from master data.


Ditto takes risks and uncertainty out of your database. Designed with a powerful and thorough selection criteria, Ditto exposes duplicate or similar data values in minutes based on user defined weightings and % matches, instead of hours or days if done manually. This leaves organisations with the confidence in their data quality to make strategic decisions and move forward with operations. Here’s how Ditto works:

Upload Data

Easily upload your master data records into Ditto in one go. This can be done as a one-off data cleanse or regularly if multiple data sources inform master data records. Configure the powerful selection criteria to choose the parameters of search. Set to find duplicates, or inversely, to find missing data.

Check for duplicates

Automate duplicate checks to run in the background whilst employees focus on other jobs. Once done, Ditto delivers an overview of your master data. Use Ditto to identify duplicates in the data as well as find missing values. This improves user experience and data governance in one automated step.

Action Duplicate Checks

Ditto churns through master data with smart algorithms to identify duplicates on the set parameters and weightings. Once duplicates or missing values are identified, users have full control over how they are processed via a simple report. Consolidate, fix or remove data sets efficiently with a real-world tested UX.


Once data checks have been completed and processed, you’re good to go. Whether you are undertaking a routine master data cleanse, migrating or archiving data, Ditto creates the confidence for organisations to complete this and move on to strategic activities.


Efficiency Gains & Governance

Speed up monotonous data checks and never miss a data set with Ditto’s automated governance. Ditto removes the need for manually tussling through data sets one by one. Instead, just approve or edit Ditto’s findings and proceed with confidence in your data.

Protect the Business & Your Reputation

Bad data can be very costly to an organisation if left unchecked. Duplicates in invoices can lead to payment and analytical reporting errors, causing financial damage and strategic mis-steps. Ditto mitigates negative data impacts and protects reputation through built-in governance.

Get the most from your S/4 HANA Migration

As organisations migrate from SAP ECC to S/4HANA by 2027, headaches and setbacks will be unavoidable. Missing or duplicated data could cost an organisation time and money. S/4HANA is purchased based on the storage occupied. Duplicate or erroneous data is a waste of an organisation's storage. Make all your data count, with Ditto.


Ditto is the best tool for reclaiming efficiency and automating governance of your master data. Discover how it can help your organisation become more confident with its data. Get in touch for more information on how it can help you.



The topic of Data duplicate checks can be somewhat confusing and open to misinterpretation. We've found that the same questions keep popping up so here are the answers to a few of the most common ones.

Duplicate check in SAP is a function or tool to churn through specific master data records in order to identify duplicates, errors or missing data from an existing master data system. It can be used to find duplicate vendors, customers, invoices and many other data types.

Having confidence in data accuracy is essential to any modern enterprise. A duplicate check tool is the easiest way to unlock confidence. Having a duplicate check tool helps to minimise risks that bad data quality can create, such as credit management and company reputation management- of which, company image can be harmed for customers and vendors alike.

Finding duplicates in SAP master data is typically done via manual master data checks. When done manually, it’s slow and monotonous but essential, nevertheless. A tool to check duplicate content is the most effective way to perform duplicate checks. SAP duplicate check tools like Ditto automate checks based on a custom criterion, making duplicate checks pain-free and fast. It also helps to maintain MDG in duplicate checking.