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Endorsed Applications


The team here at Bluestonex can often be found building custom applications for our customers. However, we sometimes come across apps made by other companies that are just too good not to shout about. On this page we'd like to tell you about a handful of these apps that have our seal of approval.


Founded in 2000, MBIS focuses on providing digital solutions and services to ensure its customers get the best possible return on software and technology investments, especially for SAP®. MBIS always offers excellent services and solutions to its customers with a flexible, collaborative, proactive and strategic approach, and establishes effective and lasting customer relationships.

Soprano from MBIS is an SAP certified Qualified Partner Packaged Solution, that uses intelligent RPA to convert purchasing orders, received from daily demand points, into accurate and agile sales orders in SAP with minimal human effort.

MBIS - Soprano

“With our certified SAP Intelligent RPA solution Soprano, save substantial time and resources by automatically posting sales orders collected in different formats into SAP within seconds rather than spending days for manual processing; take customer satisfaction to the highest level.”


• Highly repetitive manual tasks
• Unstandardised purchasing order e-mail formats
• Less feedback to customer
• Error-prone purchasing order collection
• Varying and unstable cut-off time


• Increased PO Collection Accuracy up to 95%
• Customer Satisfaction by on-time Feedback
• Allocation of Workforce to Added Value Tasks
• BPR by Order Aggregation Procedure for Higher Efficiency


• Daily purchasing order collection
• Clients with a structured sales order management process
• Products within frequent purchases, low engagement, low prices, short shelf life and rapid consumption


• Provides a seamless sales order management experience
• Combines a large paradigm of automation technologies (e.g. SAP, Excel and email automation)
• Based on a customisable and extensible solution architecture with a one-size fits all idea
• Enables real-time process monitoring at SAP iRPA Cloud Suite
• Promises significant process improvements and standardisations


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If you're interested in Soprano or the many other solutions that MBIS offer, we encourage you to take a look at their site using the button below.