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Human Resourcing Managers in a modern enterprise are faced with an array of information from an abundant workforce that’s always changing. Balancing the day-to-day needs of individuals and the strategic aims of HR can be a challenge without the right tools in place to assist. Automating and centralising operational HR management tasks gives HR Managers the capacity to focus on strategic responsibilities, driving an organisation forward.

HRX is a simple application for your enterprise that streamlines Human Resource processes. HRX enables employees to request leave and record their timesheets against their workload. The solution enables HR Managers to maintain, manage, & control their staff records, manage assignments of work, assign projects to their team, approve leave requests and much more.


HRX is a human resourcing management app designed to transform the experience of not only those responsible for HR operations but also employees using the software. Defined processes combined with a simple user interface make recording productivity or requesting leave a simple and productive procedure. No matter the HR needs of an organisation, HR features a range of functions to suit all conservable HR activities.


The 'My Timesheet' app is used by all staff to book their time against the projects they are working on. This app provides a weekly view of the time booked and has a calendar navigation feature to navigate to any week of the year. The app is mobile ready and shows a day by day view on mobile.


A simple app for employee's/resources to book their leave (holiday, sick, compassionate etc). The app gives a calendar view as well as a list of all the booked/approved/rejected leave, along with Bank holidays. Quota's are maintained by managers in the 'Manage Resources' Application.


The app lets you see the availability of resources and allows managers to approve pending leave requests raised by staff. The app is a great way to plan your projects and available resource.


A simple and intuitive app to manage your staff. Offering a range of information to control, such as basic details, leave quota, working schedule & desired manager for workflow approval.


The Manage Client app lets you manage basic client details such as SLAs and available support team. The Manage Projects app lets you create projects for a client, define/attach POs and assign these to resources for billing purpose. All applications are seamlessly integrated with Timesheets and also our Support X application portal.


HRX is an application designed to streamline, automate and optimise HR processes, maximising the efficiency of employees, HR staff and the overall organisation. Here are some of the key benefits organisations can expect from adopting HRX.


HRX unifies data from timesheets, annual leave, team calendars and other HR processes under the guise of one simple solution. Keep employee data under one roof for a single source of information and simplified operations.


HRX is as much an employee HR app as it is for management. HRX gives employees the freedom to control and arrange their own timesheets, annual leave requests, etc. The streamlined workflow for employees makes carrying out HR tasks quick and painless, leaving them with more time to focus on their individual roles.


Automating HR processes is the easiest way to save time and effort. Not only does this mean staff avoid typically slow and tedious tasks, but it also increases compliance, makes monitoring and reporting easier and reduces data errors.


When time and effort can be redistributed in to more meaningful tasks, productivity increases and an organisation can move forward with imperative strategic aims as it’s no longer bogged down with operational, repetitive tasks.


Set up work as and when they are needed. HRX can be configured to the needs of an organisation. It offers the freedom for users to pick and choose which projects are active, with the option for more to be added as and when the organisation requires it.


As businesses grow and more employees join, business systems and processes need to adapt. HRX has the capacity to be edited or configured as needed to process more information, a different type of information, or an additional HR operation. This gives HR Managers and Stakeholders the confidence to grow the company safely in the knowledge that it does impact digital human resource management.


HRX is an HR management app which can adapt to the needs of an organisation at will. As such, it needs to be seen to understand its full potential. If you would like to get a better understanding of one or more features, book a live demo of HRX today. Your employees will thank you!



Human resourcing is always changing and managers are often asking about more effective ways to meet the day to day challenges they face. Here are a few of the most common questions:

A HR Management App is software that automates and streamlines HR tasks, including employee records, payroll, benefits, and performance management. It enhances efficiency and communication within organisations. This is important to boost colleague experience and satisfaction, which has a direct impact on organisational efficiency.

The answer to this largely depends on the individual needs of an organisation. If an organisation is looking to grow and scale, then an HR application that automates monotonous tasks and enables quick onboarding would be key capabilities. Alternatively, if an organisation is looking to streamline its operational activities and monitor effectiveness then HR Managers would need an application with strong analytical and reporting capabilities.

Popular options include Workday, BambooHR, ADP Workforce Now, and SAP SuccessFactors but only HRX is designed to cater to all scenarios. Whether it’s an SME with no HR department looking to manage and simplify holiday requests or a large corporation with an HR Manager looking to automate operational activities to focus on strategic aims.

HR apps are a great way for an organisation to automate monotonous day-to-day HR tasks, such as holiday requests or processing timesheets for payroll. This can improve the efficiency of an HR Team as well as employees' overall performance. If a business isn’t using one already, there are several benefits to be exploited. These include:

• Greater business efficiency through time and energy saved
• Defined HR processes to streamline operations
• Mitigate processing errors through embedded compliance
• Monitor Employee performance
• Analytical capabilities highlight organisational weaknesses
• Improved control and security of employee data
• Guarantee organisation is complainant with legislation

HR software makes managing people, information, and processes simple and effective via automation. Whether you need HR software for a large business or a small business, HR software is designed to help HR departments and employees work more efficiently by handling operational activities, such as payroll or annual leave requests.

Modern businesses have had to get use to facing unexpected challenges in recent years. In order to do this, organisations must keep one eye on strategic visions and keep operational activities streamlined and productive. HR software aids modern businesses in this way by automating holiday allowance, monitoring and reporting on absences and training, reducing input errors and ensuring a strong standard of compliance. This can all be achieved without the need for human intervention, enabling employees to crack on with activities that really matter to organisational success.

Yes, there are several free HR software options available, offering basic functionalities to manage essential HR tasks without incurring costs. Some popular free HR software solutions include OrangeHRM, Bitrix24, and Zoho People. While these free versions may have limitations compared to their premium counterparts, they can be suitable for small businesses or startups with modest HR management needs. It's important to carefully review the features and limitations of each free HR software option to determine which aligns best with your organisation's requirements as free versions often do not make a good fit for larger organisations.

HRX is Ideal for SMEs that don't use Success Factors or SAP HCM. However, it can be deployed in organisations of any size.