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Duplicate Checks

We at Bluestonex understand the importance of good, clean master data and know how data drives business. Hence, we introduce DITTO – an application offered as a service on SAP Business Technology Platform and powered by HANA Cloud, which churns data, predicts potential duplicates based on smart algorithms, and actually informs businesses the state of their master data. This helps in highlighting duplicates and keeping master data clean. DITTO also offers powerful selection criteria, and simplified ways to analyse your data.

Simple and powerful selection criteria

Predicts duplicates based on smart alogorithms

Cloud based offering

Powered by SAP HANA DB

Data Health

Our data health check services will help you highlight & understand areas for improvement in the current state of your SAP data.

We will analyse both the data & importantly the processes associated with data (e.g the creation of customer or vendor onboarding or how your data is managed and by whom).
Once our analysis has been completed, you will better understand your data priorities are across multiple data domain. This process ultimately supports your data strategy and ongoing management of the data lifecycle. We typically focus on supply chain objects initially, covering Material (Product), Customer and Vendor, but all of the other objects can be analysed.

Data Maturity Index

The Bluestonex Data Maturity Index is a framework to measure how organizations use data. This framework is an attempt to understand data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes affected by data, and finally the user experience for those who maintain data in the organization. The Data Maturity Index is a number between 1 and 5 and is visualized by a gauge chart.

How is it measured?

We send out a Data Maturity survey to the users who primarily deal with data. In this survey, we wish to gain an insight into how the organization uses data. We are interested in data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes affected by data, and finally the user experience for those who maintain data in the organization. It takes about 10 mins to complete the survey and all the responses are confidential.

How is it analysed?

The Bluestonex Data Maturity Index can be analysed with the help of a dashboard where an overall score is given based on the data collected by the survey. In addition to this, we analyse each area and provide a score for them (data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes, and user experience). All these scores are out of 5 and give a better understanding of the current state of data in the organization. The dashboard also gives an insight into the survey audience and analyses a few of the responses under each category.

Business Process Outsource - BPO

Bluestonex offer a SAP Master Data Management BPO (business process outsourcing) solution proven to deliver significant time, cost and resource savings of up to 90%.
These services will be closely aligned to your global business process owners to facilitate and execute the processes required to manage and improve your MDM & Governance. We can augment or largely replace these services to further improve efficiency by deploying Maextro, our automated MDM & Governance software for SAP.

We can demonstrate significant efficiency savings via our case studies with existing large clients including XP Power, BAE Systems, Princes & Babcock. Bluestonex ultimately simplify the operational activities associated with master data, including but not limited to:

FTE Reduction improving processes/performance) via our skilled team

Improving data quality removing data errors/disruptions due to incorrect master data

Lowering remaining FTE cost via our software framework.

Visibility of process bottlenecks therefore Improving time to market with more efficient data processing.

We have a proven process to transfer MDM services to Bluestonex staff (both UK and Offshore staffing models) via our Maextro software data modelling with its simple methodology & skilled staff to enforce process adherence, improve data standards and ensure compliance. For further information & assistance in building the quantitative business case, please contact us on 01691 880223