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Mitie Case Study

Optimising purchase requisition processing using SAP Screen Personas.

MIntroduction to the Client

Mitie Group is a British strategic outsourcing and energy services company. It provides infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy and healthcare services. Mitie initially engaged with Bluestonex Consulting to deliver a proof of concept user experience initiative for purchase requisition administration in conjunction with the deployment of SAP Screen Personas V2.0 SP2 across Mitie's SAP landscape.

MBusiness Challenge(s)

o Validation of purchasing requirements and legitimacy of purchase requisitions.
o Transactional data entry reliant on purchasing support desk administration.
o Complexity of existing ME51N purchase requisition screen.
o Lack of self-intuitive user interface.
o Negative perception of overall SAP usability.
o Frequent entry of redundant and duplicate data administration.
o Lack of overall business process knowledge for purchase requisition creation.

MSolution Overview

The requirements for the developed solution were validated through several design thinking workshops. Bluestonex’s approach to engagement with Mitie’s business users proved a really quick way to get results. The workshops were attended by business representative and key stakeholders & further interviews took place during the discovery phase. Requirements were again further validated during collaboration with technical experts and against SAP transactions used at Mitie. This further facilitated Mitie with an opportunity to simplify purchase requisition business processes execution as part of the overall simplification project imitative.

MThe Process

Following a number of iteration cycles, the final outcome developed was a lean, branded user interface that reflected both the user’s administrative needs whilst conforming to the desired purchase requisition business process. SAP Screen Personas technology was favored by Bluestonex for the simplification of classic Dynpro desktop screens based upon SAP Fiori design principles. This approach ensured that BluestoneX delivered enterprise wide continuity in user interfaces across both SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas technological applications. BluestoneX delivered both technological enablement and a fully working proof of concept initiative for purchase requisition creation within a 6-week engagement period.

MKey Solution Benefit(s)

o Facilitated the transition of purchase requisition processing to business users.
o Removal of legacy purchasing request spreadsheet and workflow exchanges.
o Simplification of everyday purchase requisition business process execution.
o Standardised purchase requisition submission across business units.
o Automation of redundant data entry keystrokes.
o Efficiency in everyday SAP interaction and transactional execution.
o Pre-scripted data integrity and automation measures.
o Reduced the number of data entry fields by 30%.

BSXCollaboration with Bluestonex Consulting

From project outset, Bluestonex were proactive in their design thinking approach towards the elicitation of both user requirements and business challenges faced during purchase requisition process execution. They helped us quickly realise the full potential of SAP user experience technologies whilst maintaining a pragmatic approach towards both business viability and technological feasibility. We are now looking to utilise Bluestonex’s expertise further to provide user experience enhancements as part of our overall SAP user experience roadmap in providing mobility to our remote business users.

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