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SAP on a Mobile: Employee Timesheets

Emma Chambers - Head of NIBS Business Process & Activity Management

” With the introduction of the modern, intuitive timesheet app we have significantly improved users’ engagement and satisfaction with time recording. "

The Challenge

Replace the existing time sheet which was difficult to use and meant that some users had a negative perception of time recording.

Maintain the layout of the core timesheet that users were familiar with, while improving ease of use and navigation, and providing a modern look and feel

The Solution

The Technology

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Portal / Fiori Launchpad

SAP Fiori Apps

The Benefits

User experience is significantly improved

Improved engagement - more frequent time recording results in more accurate data

App is available to be deployed to mobile devices, so that users can access the timesheet remotely and on the move

SAP Business Technology Platform can be used to deploy more user-friendly, mobile apps across NATS in a flexible and secure way

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