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Princes - Changing Working Methods with Mobility

Introduction to the Client

Princes Group is an international food and drink group involved in the manufacture, import and distribution of branded and customer own-brand products. Customers include major supermarkets, convenience stores, foodservice operators, wholesale suppliers and other food manufacturers. Princes’ brands and products span over 20 different categories including fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, soups, pastes, pasta, cooking sauces, edible oils and a broad range of soft drinks sectors.

The Challenges

Princes Foods were using Sky Mobile for various applications (Warehousing and Purchasing amongst others which integrates to SAP) which was at ‘end of life’ but extended to early next year.

Princes were looking for ideas on the front end and consulted Bluestonex.

The Solution Overview

After a series of user experience workshops studying and observing the processes involved, the Bluestonex design team set to work on several iterations of low fidelity apps. After 2 workshops we had framed the problem and provided the customer with game changing ways an app could be used within the shop floor and engineering department.

We proposed suite of new mobile applications for Princes Foods specific to the engineering project for the creation of plant breakdown requests, maintenance notifications and work order confirmation. We also included a work order analytics app for better visibility of all the notifications across all/individual plants.

As a SAP Partner and specialist in User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces we reviewed options from both a tactical level and strategic view point. We proposed that Princes Foods adopt SAP Fiori technology for their UX Strategy as a proof of concept.

We proposed a set of Custom Fiori Applications for engineering project. Below are 3 main applications:

Create Notifications App

Work Order Confirmation App

Work Order Analytics Prototype

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