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Princes Foods UX Journey

Julian Bolton - IT Director

” Absolute delight working with Bluestonex. We have been able to explore new technology options using SCP including our future UI strategy”

The Challenge

Princes Foods were using Sky Mobile (legacy system) for various applications (Warehousing and Purchasing amongst others which integrated to SAP) but was at ‘end of life’. The challenge was simple: Replace quickly but with a strategic outlook.

The Solution

Princes engaged with their partner Bluestonex. After a series of user experience workshops studying and observing the processes involved, the Bluestonex design team set to work on several iterations of low fidelity apps. After 2 workshops we had framed the problem and provided the customer with game changing ways SAPUI5 apps (including slipstream UI5) could be used within their transformation as well using the services within the SAP Business Technology Platform.

The Technology

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Portal / Fiori Launchpad

SAP Fiori Apps

WM UI5 & Slipstream apps, UI5 Purchasing apps, UI5 MDM Apps, UI5 Engineering apps, SAP Analytics Cloud charts

The Benefits

Removed paper processing from engineering operations as well as retiring old legacy systems

Increased Efficiency of engineers and ensured data was accurate and timely.

Reduced technical IT complexity with simple architecture.

18 applications deployed and climbing!

We currently have 18 applications built and deployed to Princes production landscape and are still working closely with Princes to expand on this.

A combination of SAP Slipstream and SAP UI5 technologies used to provide a seamless, consistent user experience to the end user.

Varying from engineering apps that raise malfunction notifications and works orders in the warehouse; to applications for Princes Master data management and governance.

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