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We offer activation and implementation services for customers who may already have their own BTP, but don’t have the knowledge to set up their landscape or implement new services confidently.


  • Global accounts
  • Directories
  • Subaccounts
  • Entitlements
  • Instances and subscriptions

An example architecture below of a standard BTP landscape connected to an ERP back end. We offer setting up and configuration of BTP, connectivity and trust between BTP and other systems, application development and deployment.

BTP Services Available

Below are some examples of popular BTP services available to implement into your BTP environment.


Perfect for those who don't already have SAP BTP, Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) service is a solution whereby we (Bluestonex) can buy the SAP licenses on behalf of the customer, then bundle those licenses with cloud hosting and a managed services solution. We move you quickly to high value/ROI with an affordable monthly operating expense (OPEX) for innovation with our predefined service packages, all handled by SAP certified BTP experts.

Featuring a single monthly cost, you will have the latest technologies at your fingertips. Free up infrastructure cost and redirect to other business needs.


SAP licenses, application hosting, and managed services bundled into a single operating expense.

No huge outlay of capital for an initial set up, software or hardware purchase.

Own all your data and just utilise endless services to expose that data in the Cloud User Interface layer.

Get back on SAP support & SAP product roadmaps!


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We have developed over 70 SAP & non-SAP applications over the years and offer them as a plug and play* set of applications you can easily deploy to your BTP landscape and get instant ROI.

On top of that we have developed a set of extensive standalone solutions deployed in the BTP to transform entire business areas.

*Some applications may require slight changes to fit custom requirements.


Support and change management experience.


Human resourcing experience solution


Data Health and duplicate check reports


Visitor and staff tracking solution


Business Partner onboarding experience.


Master Data Management and Governance

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Bluestonex offers a complete service for application development & integration. We specialise in the full end to end process starting at the workshop stage and progressing all the way through to build, deployment and support.


Are you still struggling to manage business interactions between your SAP ERP systems and third-party services? Not having the ability to connect everything you need to the same place can breed inefficiency through manual processing and spending too much time collecting various data from different sources without cohesion.

SAP Cloud Platform integration (CPI) is SAP’s cloud-based middleware that connects user SAP ERP systems with third-party products for real-time data exchanges. The products can vary between being cloud-based or on-prem, SAP or non-SAP. CPI provides flexibility amongst your existing third-party systems and enables modern enterprises to collect data from all over an enterprise and deliver it cohesively into one central ERP.

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Aswell as pre-configured and custom applications, we can deploy and activate SAP standard applications for your business. Or if you already have them deployed, we can utilise the extension points in the standard apps to enhance or tweak the applications to fit your needs.


Bluestonex offers a migration service to the BTP landscape. We specialise in providing user experience from an on-prem system to the Business Technology Platform as well as from NEO BTP environments that is approaching a sunsetting period, to the strategic Cloud Foundry BTP environment, future proofing your BTP and opening the flood gates to the vast additional services and capabilities offered by Cloud Foundry.

Migrating to SAP BTP from an on-prem system gives organisations the flexibility, agility and freedom of the Cloud. It also unlocks access to a world of resources businesses can use to innovate and grow competitive advantage.


Bluestonex offers a full migration service from BTP Neo environment to a BTP Cloud Foundry environment, on top of general BTP migration from on-prem systems. Every migration from Neo to Cloud Foundry is tailored to the requirements of the organisation, guaranteeing an effective migration.

Cloud Foundry is an open-source environment supporting multiple data centres such as AWS, Azure and GCP. It also supports a much larger variety of programming languages than Neo. This makes it a great option for businesses with operations extending across multiple platforms.

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Bluestonex offer full support of existing applications or services on your BTP. This means if you have an application built in-house but do not wish to maintain it, we can take over for running and any future development.

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SAP Build Process Automation
SAP Build Process Automation is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that mimic human actions interacting with digital systems and software. Bots can do things like understand what’s on a screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of defined actions.

SAP Document Information Extraction
SAP Document Information Extraction (Or D.I.E for short) uses Machine Learning to help quickly and accurately extract information from various types of documents. This helps speed up processing vast amounts of information, which are traditionally processed manually. This is a great tool for organisations that process large amounts of invoices, payment notes, purchase orders, legal documents or customer orders. Once extracted, review and confirm entries. Once documents are ready, extraction results and confidence ranges can be checked to quickly confirm the information is correct. If it’s incorrect, users have the option to edit that information and save it across a document.

SAP Build Workzone
SAP Build Workzone (previously SAP Workzone, now part of the SAP Build Tools family), enables an organisation to build a centralised digital workplace for employees, partners, and customers aimed at increasing user productivity and engagement by providing central access to business applications, processes, information and communication using a unified entry point which can be accessed from any device. SAP Build Workzone uses the existing SAP Launchpad service as its foundation for its unified entry point functionality, while enhancing it with a plethora of additional functionality.

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Analytics Cloud turns unrefined, raw data into meaningful information which can form the basis for agile business decision-making. This BTP service brings together analytics and planning into a unified platform to generate business reports, forecast future scenarios and discover business insights. SAP Build Analytics Cloud contains a variety of tools which have been designed to suit the need of any type of user, whether they be casual, finance, analyst or designer. Artificial intelligence can also integrate with the Analytics Cloud, creating an all-in-one solution to drive, interpret, and utilise business data.

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Bluestonex has created a BTP management solution. A brand-new solution from us that helps BTP users monitor BTP licenses and consumption, to get the most out of their BTP investments. Cloud Experience Suite is the first application of its kind and has the following features:

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SAP BTP stands for Business Technology Platform. It’s a Partner Managed Cloud service that combines planning, data and analytics, integration, AI, automation and app development into a unified environment for SAP Applications. Simply put, it’s a platform for enterprises to become intelligent and sustainable via cloud-based apps.

Services found on the Business Technology Platform are designed to be used across the breadth and width of business processes in any area. This includes Finance, CRM, HR, Project Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and more.

The services found on the SAP BTP help businesses to automate processes, and improve the analytical capabilities of data and how it is stored. On a strategic level, this helps an organisation to become an intelligent enterprise and operate in its field with greater agility.

Our pre-packaged content on the BTP has a range of uses that encompass these areas and beyond with Support Management programs, HR experience applications, data health and duplicate checking reports, Partner onboarding experience and visitor and staff tracking solutions. More information on these can be found on our Cloud Suite page.

App development, integration, automation, AI and data & analytics are the five pillars which make up SAP BTP. These were chosen as the five underpinning pillars of the platform as they make up the basis of a comprehensive digital solution, enabling businesses to innovate, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions in the modern digital landscape. Here's why each of these pillars was chosen:

App Development:
Building custom applications tailored to specific business needs is essential for organisations to stay competitive and address unique challenges. It enables businesses to create user-friendly and scalable applications that streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

Modern businesses operate in complex ecosystems with diverse applications and systems. Seamless integration is vital for data flow and process coordination across the entire enterprise landscape. It facilitates interoperability between different software and systems, ensuring real-time data exchange and a cohesive IT environment.

Automation reduces manual effort, increases efficiency, and minimises errors. This is crucial for repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing human resources to focus on more strategic activities. It enhances productivity, accelerates business processes, and reduces operational costs by automating routine tasks and workflows.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):
AI technologies offer advanced capabilities for data analysis, prediction, and decision-making. Incorporating AI into business processes enables organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. It enhances business intelligence, enables predictive analytics, and supports the development of intelligent applications that can learn and adapt over time.

Data & Analytics:
Data is a valuable asset for businesses, and effective analytics provide actionable insights. Businesses need tools to collect, store, process, and analyse data for informed decision-making. It empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data, driving strategic decision-making, uncovering trends, and supporting business growth.

The past few years have shown that customer requirements can change rapidly. Innovating before competitors gives companies a huge advantage. Quickly adapting to customer needs often leads to quicker adoption of products or services. The SAP BTP facilitates innovation at pace so businesses can keep up with an ever-changing market.

As we have discovered, change is the only constant in business so it’s essential to have agility and continuity to run in times of uncertainty. BTP is a hosted cloud platform, meaning even if you go down, BTP does not. BTP keeps businesses running permanently.

Cost-saving pressures are only rising for businesses currently. By leveraging BTP and cloud services, companies can relieve some of this pressure and save huge overheads on incumbent on-premises SAP solutions.

Adapt and pivot with a dynamic market. SAP BTP offers agility and innovation that matches the market's external needs. This allows businesses to excel in a digital-first world.

Multi-cloud openness creates great flexibility around deployment as well as adapting and tailoring solutions to customer and company needs. SAP BTP facilitates growth through innovation and customer-centric thinking deployed in a cloud format.

If your company is dependent on large amounts of master data to produce products, SAP BTP will likely be able to enhance your processes and business operations. The BTP platform can be quickly deployed into a business. Migrations can be large tasks but are offset by the productivity once live on the platform.

If you operate in an extremely busy industry or need processes to be as efficient as possible- for cost purposes or otherwise, the Business Technology Platform will be a good fit. It has been designed to enable businesses to run in dynamic markets and innovate before competitors, maximising business chances of success.

Systems going down is a constant risk when on-premises. Migrating to the cloud removes these pressures and enables businesses to run with continuity. Proper leverage of cloud systems removes pressure from the business and has many cost-saving implications across staffing, IT, supply chain and beyond.

If you are already running SAP systems like S/4 HANA system, FIORI is your UI strategy and you would like to create a custom FIORI app then SAP BTP Extension Suite is the natural option. If you would like to build an application on your system, BTP enables you to subscribe to extra services at any time, giving companies the correct services when needed

Recent years have proven that you can never predict what's around the corner for businesses. It’s becoming essential for businesses to maximise ROI and have continuity in uncertainty. Cloud is certainly the way forward with this and has been adopted through other aspects of a business. To become a truly digital-first enterprise, processes and systems must be optimised with the Business Technology Platform.

Yes, the SAP Cloud Platform and the Business Technology Platform are one and the same. The only difference is a rebrand. When the Platform as a Service was first launched in 2013, SAP dubbed it the Cloud Platform. However, as it has evolved into a resource for businesses, Business Technology Platform became a name with a better fit. There’s no real difference between the two. They refer to the same platform for creating and developing applications to improve business SAP’s but Business Technology Platform is the current correct name.

Monitoring SAP BTP performance is an important ability for any SAP programme leader. Typically, applications used from the BTP are charged per license and if those licenses are not being taken advantage of, it’s a waste of money. The SAP BTP Monitor is an application which enables BTP users to monitor BTP Licenses and consumption, reporting, management, user creation and self-service. It’s a great way for organisations to ensure lean and effective usage of the Business Technology Platform and optimise how It is used.