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Simple 4th generation:

S/4HANA stands for Business Suite on HANA. A simple 4th Generation SAP ERP solution that runs on an in memory database (HANA). S/4 HANA t is a set of new features and functionality for ERP, it is a simplified version of SAP ERP that integrates and leverages various solutions and technologies in SAP arsenal. S/4HANA is SAP’s core software reimagined, rebuilt to capitalize on the significant simplification that the HANA platform provides. It is a packaged solution that has SAP ERP at its core (simplified) optimized to run on a HANA database platform, designed with SAP Fiori for richer user experience that is easily configurable and deployed on Cloud and On Premise. It’s key objective is to deliver massive simplifications, enrichment and innovations to its diverse customer base.