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The ultimate guide to SAP FIORI

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FIORIWhat is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is design system for SAP software solutions. Leveraging modern user interface (UI) design principles and technologies, SAP Fiori was created to help organisations create consumer-grade business applications which even casual users can use at an expert level across any device.

As well as being a user interface for SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Fiori concept is at the forefront of SAP’s transformational renew organisational strategy that will continue to evolve and expand to become SAP’s new user experience paradigm, providing a consistent user experience across all SAP solutions and SAP business applications

As we transcend into an era of post-modern ERP systems, SAP Fiori provides a means of embracing organisational standardisation, re-engineering business simplicity, and delivering functionality to empower your end users in their daily ERP operations.

FIORIHow Does SAP Fiori Work?

One of Fiori’s core principles is a consistent UX. It delivers this through UI5 applications designed following Fiori guidelines and deployed to a single, unified, role-based entry point such as the BTP or on-premise launchpad services (commonly known as the SAP Fiori Launchpad). Allowing for end-users to access all their applications pointing to multiple back-end systems, all from one place, with one consistent user experience.

The “Fiori Launchpad” uses a tile format. Each tile represents an app or can show live data for viewing sales, timesheets, or financial analytics. Fiori’s UX can be deployed across multiple devices, including mobile and tablet, which is a great option for users to update apps and continue work on factory floors or whilst away from a computer.

SAP Fiori uses a task-based approach rather than a functional approach to deliver an experience that can have a custom configuration and complete personalisation across all tasks and devices, giving the user complete control and maximising user experience.

FIORIA Brief History of Fiori

Not to be confused as a solution itself, SAP Fiori is a set of UX and design guidelines/principles released in 2013 to create a UI presentation layer for the newly released SAP S/4HANA. Back then, its display was primarily for mobiles and only 25 apps were available on the SAP Fiori standard app library, although they could be accessed across various devices. Fiori’s purpose was simple- develop a new, modern approach to app design and navigation.

10 years on and now it underpins some major systems for some of the world’s largest brands. The Fiori app Library also has well over 7500 applications to choose from. However, it’s important to point out that the standard Fiori Library does not contain apps for every business scenario, and in those gaps, completely custom UI5 applications can be developed following the Fiori guidelines.

FIORISAP Fiori Key Features and Capabilities

SAP Fiori is a set of UX/Design guidelines and principles that aims to streamline business processes in many ways. Here are some key features of Fiori that makes it so successful:

Role-based and Task-focused

With SAP Fiori, organisation tasks and transactions- whether financial, technical, or other can all be turned into role-based and task-focused apps. This makes standard business operations unified, visual, and organised.

Custom configurations at every level

Personalisation is at the heart of Fiori. Through the variety of apps, configurable dashboards and custom themes, Fiori adapts to the needs of the organisation using it.

Customisation of the Fiori Launchpad and apps is also configurable on a user level. As a result, organisations get a unified entry point whilst users only see the data that is relevant to their role (or more if required).

Search and Navigation

The SAP Fiori Launchpad features a simple navigation bar system, as well as a tile layout. This makes performing searches and tracking activity through applications easy. The addition of a navigation bar supports the tile system by providing users with the information they need immediately.

With Fiori, the custom configuration makes navigation ideal for each user, but having a navigation bar helps to speed up tasks further still.

Device Compatibility

SAP Fiori runs on multiple devices with the same UX- including desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Certain apps can be configured for certain devices, optimising the UX and productivity. As well as this, a secondary benefit of having Fiori across all devices is the standardisation of the user interface- making it familiar no matter where it’s being used.

Live Information

SAP Fiori Launchpad tiles are not static images. They provide live information, which constantly updates. As well as being a system for navigation, it also acts as a live dashboard, from which users can quickly and efficiently consume the data they need to react in real-time. This is a great way of supporting business agility and gaining a competitive advantage.

FIORIWhy adopt SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a set of UX principles which is designed to be easy to develop applications, navigate and provide a unified entry point across all devices and users. But what does this mean on a deeper level and what are the reasons to adopt SAP Fiori? Here are our top reasons to adopt Fiori:

  • Simplified, contextual & efficient SAP user interaction.
  • Intuitive follow on business functions.
  • Embedded analytics for key business insights and informed decision making.
  • Enable post-modern ways of working (mobilise SAP functions).
  • Deliver new functionality at both the pace and agility of business needs.
  • Out-of-the-box applications off setting associated development efforts.
  • Reflect your business objectives within your SAP user interface.
  • Value-added to your existing SAP investment.

FIORIWhat are the business benefits of SAP Fiori?

As we have covered, SAP Fiori is a set of design principles packed with features designed to help users become more productive with less effort- it’s a smarter way to work. But what are the overarching benefits the overall business will gain from Fiori? Business benefits of Fiori include:

  • Leverage user productivity at no additional licensing cost.
  • Increase employee satisfaction with consumer-grade user experience.
  • Simplify interaction with key SAP business data entities.
  • Integrate heterogeneous SAP solutions seamlessly via the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • Supports multi-platform deployment options.
  • Personalised SAP Fiori Launchpad for end-user empathy.
  • Reduce user error incidence rate, associated support and rectification costs.
  • Real-time data feeds for business-critical applications.

FIORIWhat are the 5 principles of SAP Fiori design?

In order for SAP Fiori to achieve its status as the best method for UX designing, it must be built on what SAP believes the principles of that to be. SAP Fiori was built upon 5 key principles, which drive its design. These 5 principles are:

  1. Role-based: Easily ensure your end users only see the information and content relevant to them and their job role.

  2. Adaptive: SAP Fiori enables you to work how and where you want, regardless of the device you use. And, it provides relevant information that allows for instant insight.

  3. Simple: User demands can be complex, which is why it’s important to keep the interface simple. SAP Fiori helps you focus on what’s important, with intuitive design and personalisation to allow you to focus on your relevant tasks.

  4. Coherent: Whatever department or business industry you work in, Fiori’s principles ensure the same consistent, intuitive experience across your enterprise.

  5. Delightful: As well as making your work smarter and more intuitive, SAP Fiori enriches your day to day work experience.

FIORISAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Elements is a new low-code development solution for creating SAP Fiori apps. SAP Fiori Elements allows for applications to be generated off the back of an oData service using a pre-defined UI floor-plan as a template and takes away the need for a UI developer to create the front end.

These are included to:

  • Encourage consistent user experience and compliance with the Fiori design principles.
  • Fast-track businesses' ROI by reducing the work needed on frontend code to deliver SAP Fiori Apps.

At Bluestonex, part of our Fiori service is to determine whether the customers requirements can be fulfilled by a Fiori Element floor-plan, or whether a custom build is required.

In Fiori Elements, there are several types of templates to choose from for. These include:

  • Overview pages
  • Analytical list page
  • Worklist
  • List report
  • Object page

It is possible to change the standard floorplans slightly through ‘extensions’, but these extent of changes that can be made is often quite limited as therefore if drastic differences to the standard floorplan is required, we recommend a custom build instead.

FIORISAP Fiori UX Strategy

SAP Fiori UX is a radical rethink of the way people should interact with an ERP system. It will impact the way application leaders need to manage their SAP implementation, including team responsibilities, structures, and success metrics.

FIORIWhat type of apps does Fiori have?

SAP Fiori apps can be broken down into one of three types. Each type has a specific function for aiding business practices. The Fiori dashboard can be loaded up with both individual sets or a mix of the three. These three app types are:


Task execution-based access. Apps developed to execute task process steps such as create, change & display using intuitive design navigation.


Provides a high-level overview of business actions. Visuals are used to portray an overview of complex business processes, monitoring KPI’s or business progress tracking.


360-degree overview of key and essential information between related business objects.

FIORIWhat do I need to know to learn SAP Fiori?

To get the most out of Fiori- which every business aims to do, users need to have a low-level understanding of Fiori as well as a few prerequisites. This isn’t easy, being just a set of design principles. We believe that having an understanding of the following areas will allow you to successfully use Fiori:

  1. SAP S/4 HANA

  2. The Fiori Guidelines

  3. Web Development Skills

  4. OData

  5. SAP Gateway system or BTP

  6. SAPUI5- HTML and JavaScript for coordinating the frontend

The next step would be to begin learning how to use Fiori through Fiori tutorials and pages such as this. We can help with Fiori tutorials and provide free demos of the system for those who need them. If you would like a Fiori Tutorial or just some help with Fiori...

FIORISAP Fiori for Cloud Applications

With the introduction of the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP’s shift to focusing on cloud applications brings new potential for Fiori. BTP opens the door for the latest and greatest innovative capabilities to enhance the SAP Fiori experience.

FIORIIs SAP Fiori frontend or backend?

This is a question we get asked often, and it can take on several meanings. SAP Fiori is not a product or software in itself. It’s more of a concept. A set of rules to get the best UX out of any apps built on UI5. Arguably, it plays a frontend role due to it largely impacting UI, but it does not really fit in as either.

FIORISAP Fiori Reviews

When investigating a new system for a business it’s very important to look at the reviews first. Products can look and sound great on paper but not be the best fit later down the line. For a set of principles such as Fiori, it’s got to be able to aid the development of the right apps. At Bluestonex, we know this so let SAP Fiori clients do the talking. That way prospective businesses get the added insight into how it can help their business in the real world.

Based on 51 reviews of Fiori, it carries a 73% 4-star rating. This is a strong sign in favour of Fiori. The most positive reviews often mention that this is the future of frontend web applications, a seamless experience, pain-free and user-friendly- exactly what it was designed to be.

On the other side of the coin, weaker reviews typically mention that Fiori is not quite finished yet- which we would agree with. However, we see this as a good thing. SAP are constantly working on improving Fiori - there have been several iterations in the last 10 years. Updates for standard Fiori apps and themes come free and are automatic. This means that, as it improves, so will its ability to help an organisation. The fact that it is still being improved makes it a great way to future-proof GUI systems of a business. Fiori isn’t standing still.

FIORIThe future of SAP Fiori

When considering adopting Fiori, one of the big selling points businesses look for is longevity and being future-proof, as is the same with the Business Technology Platform. Not only is this crucial for ROI but also ensures a long-reaching competitive advantage. So, looking into the crystal ball, what’s in store for Fiori in the coming years? Here are our best guesses.

One of the first factors we have noticed that will determine the future of Fiori is the high level of investment done to evolve UI5 as web components. This indicates that the focus from SAP is to make this the cross-device Swiss army knife for businesses. As businesses look to integrate mobiles and tablets to keep operations optimised or on the move, Fiori will have a big role to play in making that a reality.

It's becoming increasingly apparent that companies should get familiar with SAP Fiori because of its unique design guidelines making it a success, SAP are looking to replicate the role-based UI across SuccessFactors, Fieldglass and SAP Ariba. This will become a leading trait from SAP across the board so by getting in now, businesses can get ahead.

Many believe due to the ease and simplicity of approaching business tasks, Fiori is the future and will be replicated across SAP’s offerings. Furthermore, digital transformation businesses are shifting to converge perfectly with Fiori. It’s the ideal solution to push forward into the future whilst keeping things simple.

FIORIGet a free demo of SAP Fiori

There’s plenty to explore with SAP Fiori. We have gone into detail about the principles of Fiori on this page but there’s plenty more to know. There’s nothing quite like getting hands-on with a product before you jump in. Try before you buy is always the best way to go. Because of this, we offer free demos of Fiori in action with the aim of answering all your remaining burning questions. No matter if it’s higher productivity, a standardised system or just better UX you are after, you can try Fiori with us.

If you are currently investigating how Fiori could help your business and want to know more, click here to arrange your free Fiori demo with an SAP Fiori expert.

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