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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the new role based user experience (UX) for SAP software solutions. Leveraging modern user interface (UI) design principles and technologies, SAP Fiori disaggregates traditional transactional based software applications into relevant role-based tasks and associated user task activities across all lines of business. As we transcend into an era of post-modern ERP systems, SAP Fiori provides a means of embracing organisational standardisation, re-engineered business simplicity and delivering functionality to empower your end users in their daily ERP operations.

As well as being the new user interface for SAP S/4 Hana, the SAP Fiori concept is at the forefront of SAP’s transformational renew organisational strategy that will continue to evolve and expand to become SAP’s new user experience paradigm, providing a consistent user experience across all SAP solutions and SAP business applications.


As part of our mission at Bluestonex, we aim to embrace and explore to the fullest the cutting edge technologies of SAP & SAP UX. We believe the user’s experience when interacting with an SAP system should be an exciting one and its interface should be delightful to look at.
Take our SAP Master Data Processing Solution ‘Maextro’ - not only do we believe in delivering great functionality through our innovative products, but we have designed a set of rapid deployment Apps that work out of the box with your company's SAP environment.

These Apps are developed following the award-winning SAP Fiori Design guidelines and were crafted with the end-user in mind. They offer a fast and beautiful unified experience across all mobile devices and all modern desktop browsers.

Built on the market-tested SAPUI5 framework, the Maextro Fiori Apps adhere to Web Standards and comply with all SAP product standards including security, globalization, accessibility and performance.

Our team of Design Thinkers and Innovators have collected feedback and user testimonies from Maextro's customers and thoroughly analysed them to envision a pleasant humanized experience as the front face for our innovative Data Governance technology.

What is SAP Fiori?

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FSAP Fiori Concept

“SAP Fiori UX is a radical rethink of the way people should interact with an ERP system. It will impact the way application leaders need to manage their SAP implementation, including team responsibilities, structures and success metrics.”

FWhy adopt SAP Fiori?

• Simplified, contextual & efficient SAP user interaction.
• Intuitive follow on business functions.
• Embedded analytics for key business insights and informed decision making.
• Enable post-modern ways of working (mobilise SAP functions).
• Deliver new functionality at both the pace and agility of business needs.
• Out-of-the-box applications offsetting associated development efforts.
• Reflect your business objectives within your SAP user interface.
• Value-added to your existing SAP investment.

FKey Benefits

• Leverage user productivity at no additional licensing cost.
• Increase employee satisfaction with consumer-grade user experience.
• Simplify interaction with key SAP business data entities.
• Integrate heterogeneous SAP solutions seamlessly via the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
• Supports multi-platform deployment options.
• Persionalised SAP Fiori Launchpad for end user empathy.
• Reduce user error incidence rate, associated support and rectification costs.
• Real-time data feeds for business critical applications.

ASAP Fiori App Types


Task execution based access. Apps developed to execute task process steps such as create, change & display using intuitive design navigation(Any DB).


Provides a high-level overview of business actions. Visuals are used to portray an overview of complex business processes, monitoring KPI’s or business progress tracking. (SAP HANA DB).


360-degree overview of key and essential information between related business objects. (SAP HANA DB).

FSAP Fiori in action

Watch how SAP Fiori user experience coupled with the power of SAP HANA can transform the accounts receivable process for manually clearing incoming customer payments compared with the traditional SAP GUI user interface.

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Collaborate with us to embark on your journey to discovering the real value of a simplified SAP user experience.