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SAP on a Mobile: Reverse Logistics

Dominik Hürner - Business Process Manager. Supply Chain

” The work with Bluestonex was refreshing and very agile! Developed apps allowed a common process across multiple markets and a step forward in digitalization of the warehouse processes!”

The Challenge

Our returns delivery process was a partial paper process, limiting efficiency, and increasing risk of error. Which could lead to incorrect credits to customer.

The Solution

We replaced our process with intuitive Mobile screens which were cloud based UI5 applications to improve process efficiency and reduce errors.

The Technology

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Portal / Fiori Launchpad

SAP Fiori Apps

Returns Application, Returns Monitor, Scrap app

The Benefits

Removed paper processing completely from our reverse logistics processing.

Increased Efficiency of returns Operators removing paper and re-keying into SAP.

Reduced Errors and improved accuracy. More accurate data input directly into mobile devices.

The Solution - Returns Application

Ability to scan a delivery barcode, or scan barcode of an item on a pallet to find the delivery. If no barcodes or numbers are available or are not visible on pallet, you can search for deliveries that have arrived by date, customer and or shipping point.

Simple item display screen where user can select an item and choose a new SLOC for it.

Ability to work with batch splits and or quantity splits depending on if items are batch managed.

Capability to save/update the delivery in back end SAP, and to post goods receipt for delivery.


The Solution - Returns Monitor


Simple app to monitor all deliveries processed by the Returns app from previous stage of process.

See quantity differences of that recorded in system and make the decision to remove billing block and process that delivery to allow credit or debit memo to be created for returning customer.

The Solution - Scrap app

Simple app to scrap main items and or their components, that have been approved.

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