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SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas provides a non-technical approach to modifying traditional SAP GUI screens at a no licence cost to SAP customers. SAP Screen Personas is based primarily on user centric enhancement, providing users with role-specific data in the right context, at the right time and in an intuitive format. Representing the paradigm shift often termed “the consumerization of IT,” SAP Screen Personas offers an innovative solution for unlocking business user productivity by providing a 21st century renovation to SAP GUI interface design.

Because SAP Screen Personas is built into the foundation of SAP software, it installs quickly, leverages existing security settings, and follows the standard transport process to bring new screens into the production environment.

PWhat can be achieved in SAP Screen Personas?

• Self-intuitive, task-user specific data format.
• Business specific mandatory field assignment to ensure data integrity.
• Provide user friendly cross functionality to relevant SAP transactions.
• Embedded business process logic.
• Pre-scripting to reduce keystroke entry & mouse clicks.
• Automate replicable data lookups & data entry tasks.
• Powerful screen, data tab & data field merging capabilities.
• Elimination of irrelevant data fields and buttons.
• Overall, improved user productivity, efficiency & satisfaction.
• Powerful UI design & corporate branding capabilities.
• Mobile responsiveness

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PThe IT Value of Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas software is designed to work with the existing SAP landscape at no additional licensing or maintenance cost and is fully supported by SAP. BluestoneX can assist your IT basis team with implementation and support services during technical enablement of SAP Screen Personas software.

• Rapid solution development capabilities
• No additional cost, available as part of your existing SAP ECC license.
• Innovative solution to deliver consumer grade SAP experience.
• No need to install SAP GUI, available through the SAP web GUI.
• Improves SAP utilisation & process conformity.
• Can leverage SAP data integrity.
• Eliminate the cost of ABAP programming knowledge requirements.
• Centralised SAP control through authorisation governance.
• No new complex backend system dependencies.

BDAward Winning Flavors

Our screen person flavors have won the SAP Blue Diamond UX award!

"Awarded for excellence in SAP Screen Personas design. Winners have demonstrated significant improvements to their business processes, outstanding visual design, or clever and innovative project development."

SAP Blue Diamond Award

PSAP Screen Personas HR Solution - Example

The Problem

Productivity Implications — Users had to navigate through a number of differing screens in order to complete a single end to end business processes, often executing a number of replicable, system required keystrokes along the way that required a high degree of SAP HR transaction knowledge as a pre-requisite.

Under-usage — SAP HR data entry and lookup is often a complex, disjointed & time consuming process challenging users unnecessarily in the pursuit of task execution and process adherence. Users often had to make judgmental decisions on data entry and business relevance in the presence of a myriad of SAP data functions and fields, often not related to the task or business process being executed. User research during workshop collaboration found that data displayed over a number of different HR info-type screens increased the likelihood of user error incidence rate.

Risks to Data Integrity — Simple, self-explanatory screens reduce the risk of bad data entry incidence and reporting abnormalities. Mapped user options, logical to the task or process being executed can yield significant data integrity improvements. Simply changing the appearance or labeling of a key HR data field(s) within the business process can yield significant data validity & reliability improvements.

Overall Costs — Inefficiency (non value adding data entry), IT service help desk calls, data error rectification & user training all have significant, underlying business & user empathy costs. According to a business survey conducted by Experience Dynamics (2009) found an 80% reduction in help desk calls following user centric design implementation.

The Solution