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Brakes Group Case Study

SAP User Experience Strategy and Advisory Services.

BIntroduction to the Client

Brakes Group is a leading wholesale food and beverage distribution company in the UK. It provides delivered wholesale supplies and contract logistical services to the UK catering industry. Brakes initially engaged with BluestoneX Consulting to facilitate a design thinking workshop concerning existing business challenges faced during supply chain execution and provide an overview on potential opportunities offered by investment in SAP user experience technology.

BBusiness Challenge(s)

o Complexity of existing warehouse management screens.                
o Risks associated with user data entry errors and rectification.
o Lack of an intuitive SAP user interface.
o Negative perception of overall SAP usability by business users.
o Frequent entry of redundant and duplicate data administration.
o Time and resource intensive SAP WM transaction execution.
o Training cost associated with employee onboarding.
o Cost associated with bespoke system development & service desk support.
o Transactional data entry dependencies on key administrators across the supply chain network.

BEngagement Overview

Workshops were staged by Bluestonex with business representatives and key stakeholders during a two-day period. Iterative design thinking methods were utilised in order to classify operational challenges faced by users during SAP logistics process execution.  Bluestonex used a re-framing exercise to facilitate potential solutions & insights to help formulate different solution perspectives. Requirements were further validated during in-depth collaboration with operational experts and against SAP transactional data requirements observed and their knowledge of SAP best practice. Process execution metrics were benchmarked from a quantitative perspective to help Brakes visualise the value/benefits case.

BSXCollaboration with Bluestonex Consulting

The Bluestonex team were quick to demonstrate how keystroke steps during supply chain network replenishment could be automated to improve transactional efficiency.  Bluestonex built a working prototype developed from wire framing exercises with input from the operations team. The intuitive nature of potential user interface screen designs helped provide an insight towards building a solution design proposal. Their philosophy of people, process & technology helped us gain a real emphatic understanding of our key SAP user needs, whilst providing a quantitative benchmark for user experience solution

BEngagement Benefits

o Realisation of potential monetary and productivity value of user experience.
o Visual perception of SAP user experience technologies.
o Re-framing and innovative insights into existing business challenges.
o Helped formulate both value case and use cases for SAP user experience.
o Understanding of SAP user experience technology from a business perspective.

“We engaged with Bluestonex as we required user experience advisory services regarding warehouse execution. Their design thinking approach coupled with a deep understanding of SAP helped us realise the value of UX & how to improve our existing SAP solution”

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