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Support X - The Support Management System


Support X is a support desk solution that gives you complete control over support calls and development requests. Raise tickets, update tickets and keep track of them in a powerful reporting log application. Manage your users, clients and projects; giving you complete control over who has access to raise requests or update requests, and which projects they are allowed to interact with.

Boasting powerful additional functionality such as a knowledge base repository, transport management and chat bot integration, this suite is a complete all-in-one support desk solution.


Support X is a suite of several applications (which also comes as a standalone app) designed to not only cover an organisation with a high-level of customer support but also provide the tools to continuously improve it through analytics and reporting. Here’s a full breakdown of what Support X can do:


Raise Incident is a simple support ticket application to raise a ticket for an incident or development request. Enter incident details, maintain test data, transports and system information, transports, attachments and more. Seamlessly linked to the other applications available in the suite, giving you complete control.


Manage and update all your incidents. A single app for both ticket creator and assigned agent to interact with. Featuring a basic information tab, a conversation tab to talk to assignees, a test data tab, an attachments tab and a transport management tab. The application tracks metrics such as response SLA and resolution SLA that feed into issue log application accessible by admins, allowing a complete overview of response/resolution times and more.


A powerful reporting application for your admin users. Giving a complete overview of all your ticket information, ranging from a basic number of tickets by date and by status, up to more detailed information such as a number of SLAs met versus not met, and average response times. The app includes drill-down functionality allowing a deep dive into each ticket for a complete overview of all information. Useful for SLA meetings or project catchup meetings, featuring excel download functionality for users who prefer the spreadsheet user experience.


A simple application to manage users who will act as your support agents for the Support desk. The users defined here will be selectable in the manage projects application.


A simple application to define clients and which users from your Customers & Project are allowed to raise tickets. This application is only relevant for companies looking to use the support desk for their customers and would not be needed if just using for internal ticketing.


A simple application to manage the projects for your clients and assign them to users. This app will control which of your resources from the manage resources app can be assigned as agents for which projects; and which users from the manage clients app is external will be allowed to raise a ticket for which projects.


Coming Q4 2023, Support X will boast a powerful knowledge base repository, accessible seamlessly across the whole suite of applications. Allowing access to information and documents that may provide help or solutions to issues, preventing the actual need for a ticket to be raised.

Also providing access to various documents across the duration of a project, providing a single accessible place for all documents to be uploaded, viewed or extracted.



When support tickets have a defined workflow, nothing gets missed. Support X applications track support issues until they are closed. This reduces the need for customers to open multiple tickets for the same case.

Furthermore, with a knowledge base to be added soon, customers will easily be able to find their questions without the need for raising tickets, freeing up your support team to attend to more urgent matters.


It’s a well-known fact that it costs more to close a new customer than hold on to an existing one. Support X aids businesses in this way by providing a solution for businesses to address and mitigate customer concerns diligently before they decide to leave.

Furthermore, through knowledge bases and chatbot functions, the need for a vast support team becomes unnecessary. This frees up funding for other areas of an organisation.


Support X uses defined workflows and AI to automate many of the traditionally manual and time-consuming customer support activities. This gives support teams the freedom to move on to issues of greater consequence. The extra focus on more meaningful issues leaves customers satisfied and staff less stressed as the demand on them is eased.


Don’t just resolve issues as they happen, use real-time reporting to identify them and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Support X’s incident log generates detailed reports which help to highlight where organisational issues are occurring. Great for intelligent enterprises, this helps organisations to improve and learn from incoming customer support issues.


Support X automates support ticket issues, enabling organisations to address multiple issues in one go. This helps your customer service team resolve issues or send multiple messages in one shot, saving time to resolve bigger issues and allowing organisations to help customers quicker.


Support X deploys conversation capabilities into your customer support system. Combined with ticket tracking, this helps your team to communicate directly with the customer for greater understanding and faster resolutions. When your team is busy, customers can interact with tech support chat bots meaning no customer gets ignored.


There’s a range of support desk apps available on the market, but none that help prevent support issues from occurring like Support X. Support X has a range of features to supplement and support your customer support efforts. To learn more about how they could directly be integrated to make a difference in your company get in touch for a free demo. To talk to an expert about the Support X effect, get in touch today!



There are a few recurring questions we get asked around Support X and support management systems in general. Below are answers to our top 4:

Help desk support is an individual, group or application that IT users can contact when they encounter an issue they cannot resolve alone. Traditionally, this was made up of a physical desk made up of a technical team who take phone calls to address issues. Modern intelligent enterprises are making use of AI and automation technologies to solve customer issues via digital means.

Simply put, a help desk is designed to assist customers with issues relating to a product or service they cannot resolve without assistance.

A modern, digital help desk is built up of multiple functions with the central goal of resolving customer issues. This includes:

A support ticket is a term used in customer support systems which describes the support case between the customer and support. Initially, the ticket acts as a case study for the support team to set out the issue. From there, support tickets are the point of reference for updates and resolutions for customers and support. Support ticket systems automate who works on the issue, send updates when progress has been made and monitor general analytics around support ticket issues.