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Our extensive list of UI5 applications are available both in the Cloud and on-premise. Built by our certified experts using the AppHaus methodology; all our apps are the definition of simple and intuitive.

Developed alongside customers over years of projects, then made generic for all, so you know our apps are tested in real life production use cases.

Built using a range of technologies, including SAP UI5, SAP Screen Personas / Slipstream, SAP HANA DB, SAP Analytics Cloud and more.

Our apps are available on the SAP App Center! We are innovating and adding more content every day, make sure to check out our page or contact us to find out if we have the application you need.


We are innovating day by day to grow our catalogue of apps available. Download our current catalogue of apps by clicking the button below.


  • Notification processing
    • Create breakdown notification
    • Create correction notification
  • Works Order processing
    • Works Order confirmation with live time recording
    • Works Order confirmation with goods issue
    • Works Order standard confirmation
    • Works Order history
    • Unconfirm Works Order
    • PPM confirmation
  • Physical Inventory
    • Physical Inventory Stock count
  • Other
    • Risk Assessment entry
    • Print manager
    • Goods Issue
    • Goods Receipt
    • Putaway

Master Data Management

  • Maextro - Our Master Data Management & Governance Tool
    • Create request (new, change, extend, align)
    • Approve request
    • My Task List - Data Gathering
    • Approve data request
    • Track request
    • Data request log
    • Request analytics
    • Maextro health
    • Ditto - Duplicate checker and reporting
  • Data Health
    • Data health analytics (UI5)
    • Data health analytics (SAC)
  • Self Service
    • Business Partner Portal
    • My Supplier self service
    • Address finder


  • Purchase Requisitions
    • Create Purchase Requisition
    • Create Purchase Requisition (Shopping cart style)
    • Release Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Orders
    • Create Purchase Order
    • Release Purchase Order

Warehouse Management

  • Internal
    • Bin to bin
    • Physical Inventory count
    • Create warehouse inventory count
    • Count warehouse stock
    • Clear differences
    • Inventory count (system determined)
    • HU Enquiry
    • Transfer Order confirmation
  • Inbound
    • Goods Receipt by Purchase Order
    • Goods Receipt by Delivery
    • Putaway
  • Outbound
    • Pick by delivery
    • Pick by Transfer Order
  • Monitoring
    • Warehouse activity dashboard

Human Resources

  • Manager
    • Manage Clients
    • Manage Staff
    • Manage Resources
    • Approve Leave Request
    • Timesheet reports
    • Project days report
    • Staff leave report
    • Team Calendar
  • Employee
    • Staff / Visitor app (sign in / sign out)
    • My Leave requests
    • My Timesheet

Standalone Applications

  • Support
    • Raise support ticket
    • My support tickets
    • Ticket log
    • Ticket reporting
    • User on-boarding
    • Fiori Application usage tracker
  • Other
    • Staff / visitor sign in application
    • Staff / visitor fire list
    • My Timesheet
    • My Leave requests

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