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SAP Value Case

Where it gets lost and how can we can change the mindset

Most organisations need to justify their IT initiative or Project with a business case. SAP has invested significant effort to develop services & intellectual property to help its clients get more value from their (SAP) software offerings. These additional no cost services are free for benchmarking the performance of your business processes against piers and other industry companies. What we bring is knowledge of how to use the tool set and which elements to use and which not to. We dovetail these SAP offerings as part of our delivery for our value assessment.

  • Move from business case to value case
  • Build a business case and educate on tracking value
  • We aim to build a ‘culture of value’ throughout project lifecycles
  • Cost analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Running SAP projects efficiently
  • ASAP or Agile?
  • Getting more from SAP — return on investment
  • Unlocking un-tapped areas of SAP