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XP Power - Their Journey with Maextro

David Maughan - SAP S/4 HANA Application Manager

” The standout benefits of Maextro are its rich functionality and its simplicity / user experience. We ultimately chose Maextro because it was the most integrated data automation solution we could find in the marketplace as well as following the Fiori principles. Before Maextro, for finished goods alone, we would consume approx. 51 working days of non- valued-added processing across various departments for material master. With Maextro we improved this by 75%"

The Challenge

XP Power had recently migrated to S4 HANA (October 2019) which in itself brought its own set of challenges including consolidating their Master Data Team into a central department. They recognised the complexity of their Material Master in S4 HANA, especially considering they had created a centralised data team.  They also recognised that there no was additional data required to create a part in the XP Power S/4 HANA system. XP Power were running their data processes as manual processes, involving convoluted spreadsheets, manual input and email workflow for data enrichment.  They were struggling with the manual creation process taking approximately 46 minutes per part to create in S/4. As XP had moved to a central team, it was clear that they had to do something. They simply couldn’t carry on manually entering data. They looked at various solutions on the market place including Maextro. "We looked at the standard offerings as well as alternative options for developing our own CRM system and even creating our own application". Out of the standard offerings on the market place, Maextro was chosen because of the native integration points, simplicity and Fiori user experience.  It was easily recognisable as another set of tiles on the Fiori launchpad but with a simple configuration menu.

The Implementation

After 3 months of go live on S/4 HANA we engaged with Bluestonex.  Even though we were still in post go live/early BAU of S/4 implementation, the Bluestonex team configured Maextro to be very flexible in their agile approach especially regarding the rules within our data process & data model, as they were still changing.  The team at Bluestonex gave us a clear implementation plan with milestones and quality gates – it was semi-agile.  The project was run with regular weekly workshops and meetings to ensure good communication, speed and effectiveness.

The Solution

Within Maextro, they now use the Maextro create request function to capture the initial request.  Maextro’s powerful workflow distributes the tasks across the relevant region for data enrichment but the majority of data is now rule based, which means Maextro will populate the data for our data team automatically.  They had some complexity in S/4 which Maextro added additional benefits & automation to, including MRP areas, integration for EWM product masters, control cycle and inspection lots creation all within the one request and managed entirely in Maextro – plus they could do this in MASS!

The Results

Prior to Maextro it would take up to 46 mins per part and XP Power estimated 51 days of manual non value-added time for the finished goods team.  Their findings so far with Maextro has meant a measurable improvement, saving 36 minutes per part! Even though its early days, the signs are good and they estimate a conservatory saving of up to 75% in efficiency. They expect to redeploy the team of 3 down to a 1 person team and that person will now administer the process as opposed to manually keying in data, which will result in fewer errors.  Maextro helps monitor the process as well as ensuring that data standards are adhered to so that the role of data team has changed (for the best). Maextro has undoubtedly provided a Quicker, Cleaner and more Controlled Solution compared to what we had before.  We now have full traceability and it’s all in one user-friendly place.  Feedback from the end users across the globe has been very positive as they now know that data cannot be missed or incorrect because of the Maextro rule set, improving both governance and compliance.

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