Member of the App-Haus Network! - Bluestonex

Building upon a history of creative environments, the SAP AppHaus Network is a selection of “customer facing” co-innovation spaces in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects by putting humans and their experiences first.

Bluestonex are the latest company to join the App Haus network. We are one of two locations in the United Kingdom and part of the global network.

Based in a beautiful renovated old church, our first floor space have offices and conference rooms whilst our design centre boasts a large open space that combines the styling of the old with a touch of the new. Bringing everything together into one amazing, collaborative design workspace where creativity flows!

Our design center is based in the quiet Shropshire market town of Oswestry. Why not take a break from the hectic city work environment, and enjoy a relaxing drive through the historic Shropshire hills to reach our design centre. Leave all your stress behind and let the creativity flow in our design space.

We are blessed with local amenities in Shropshire and over the border in North Wales, meaning that there are bundles of outdoor activities for great team building events such as zip-lining, mountaineering, white water rafting and many more.


With the new (ab)normal situation of COVID-19, a lot of Bluestonex designers have been facilitating remote design thinking sessions for users working from home for some time now using a variety of skills & tech to combat obstacles.

These skills are around human centred design methodologies, strong empathy and facilitation skills and tech such as Mural, MS teams, Build, InVision, Photoshop and more.

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Working with many different sized organisations both global and local, we are trying to tackle today’s problems through the apphaus methodology and our human centred design approach.

We also run programmes with local schools and colleges (engaging with the business leaders of tomorrow) teaching our techniques, exploring fascinating idea’s and technology areas.